Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a therapy in which pure oxygen is supplied to the user at about times higher than the normal atmospheric pressure to improve health and to boost natural healing powers of the body. It is to be noted that pure 100% oxygen is not given to the users as the risk of explosion is very high, so 95% oxygen is used as benefits compared to 100% oxygen are not compromised. 

Oxygen helps our immune system to heal our body and to maintain fitness, strength and energy level. Most of the problems today are due to pollution which leads to oxygen starvation of the tissues and causes tissue death as we breathe in polluted environment. Oxygen helps to improve our circulation. Red blood cells take enough oxygen through this therapy and deliver to the tissues suffering from oxygen starvation and reduces inflammation, tissue death and necrosis. 

The goal of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hbot) is to increase and boost the level of oxygen carried by red blood cells so it can repair damaged tissues and restore normal body functions to bring maximum efficiency. 


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber is first used in the United States in the early twentieth century. This therapy was again given in 1940s when the US Navy used it to treat decompression sickness for deep sea divers. So In the past, It is used to treat decompression sickness. Again in 1960s, it is used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning. Now it is being used continuously for past 20 years. Now its use results in healthy aging. Oxyhelp provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers that are made in EU, best quality available today in USA and worldwide. Oxygen concentrators in the Oxyhelp hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber are made in the USA and the rest of the components are imported from  Japan , Germany , Spain and USA.

Where to get it?

It is a task to choose best HBOT chambers that are easy to use and help you to achieve best results. The best HBOT chambers are specifically designed by Oxyhelp Industry . They are the premium products and offer pre-session services that includes monitoring oxygen levels, interior ventilation and CO2 monitoring. It is the only chamber in the world in which you can insert predefined protocols based upon your needs. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are made and built to very strict technological specifications that promise its buyers for quality products. It has the following specifications.

Advanced technology
Safe to use at home
Low maintenance
Low running cost
Compact and easy to use 
Controlled interior ventilation 
Automatic pressure control that can automatically controls oxygen pressure inside the chamber to avoid oxygen poisoning.
Dual over pressure safety mechanism
Touch screen digital control panels
Mirrored commands inside and outside of the chamber
Sleek and lightweight
5 emergencies stops

It is to be noted that oxyhelp has installed over 1100 chambers throughout the world. They are used in home, spa’s and wellness centers.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are still in use and they help to ensure normal body functions to occur with efficiency. It is used for the following purposes:

Increasing focus, concentration and attention: 

As enough oxygen is delivered through red blood cells focus, attention and concentration improves.

Brain Efficiency:

Brain performance and efficiency improves as oxygen maintains energy level that help to boost brain Efficiency.


Anti- aging or it will better to call it healthy aging is ensured by hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Energy level:

Oxygen helps in energy production. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides body with sufficient oxygen to do everyday tasks.

For beauty purposes in spa:

Skin requires oxygen to breathe. So it also improves skin texture.

Injury recovery and chronic health support:

 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers helps to provide oxygen to the tissues that speed their recovery from injuries and trauma. During injury many chemic substances releases that causes inflammation and which leads to swelling, redness and further damage to the tissues. Oxygen helps to reduce inflammation and thus very effective for chronic medical conditions.


Athletes use hyperbaric oxygen therapy for increasing their performance. They use it for healing of various injuries, tissue damage and muscle cramps and trauma. They use it before tissue damage become severe and can cause disease like gangrene and necrosis. Lactic acid normally accumulates due to intense physical work. But to avoid it, athletes use this hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers to limit the lactic acid production and accumulation.

Workout and physical activity:

After intense workout and physical activity, body needs oxygen to heal tissue damage and to maintain energy levels, so hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers provides body with the enough oxygen to heal tissue and improves muscle strength.

Medical conditions:

In some of the medical conditions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are also used which treats many medical conditions. The List includes the following conditions:

Severe acute anemia
Diabetic foot ulcers 
Flush eating bacteria ( it blocks the action of harmful bacteria)
Decompression sickness( scuba diving)
Radiation and chemotherapy injury 
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Arterial gas embolism
Autism in children 
Sudden vision loss 
Sudden Deafness 
Crushing injury 
Traumatic brain injuries
Chronic medical conditions like 
Chronic medical conditions like actinomycosis
Cyanide poisoning

It also aids in the formation of new collagen because of the formation of new blood vessels and helps to increase vision and to relieve deafness. It also helps in the formation of white blood cells, endothelial growth factor and many other growth factors that help in repairing the body.


It has two types:

Monoplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber (HBOT):

Monoplace HBOT is built for only one person. The entire chamber is pressurized with air and connected to oxygen concentrators from where you inhale pure oxygen (95%). It does require a hood or a mask.

Multiplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber (HBOT):

Multiplace HBOT is very large and can hold more than one user ( up to 5 users). Also, for users in the multiplace chamber it is required to wear a plastic hood or mask.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers are easy to handle in home and wellness centers. It should be used as a precaution rather than a treatment. It helps to improves life quality. It ensures healthy aging. It helps to increase our focus, brain and body performance.