Diets come and go. Each year seems to bring about new fads that people follow, all in the quest to better their health and often to trim their waistline in the process. When the keto lifestyle was first introduced, many people saw it as just another fad diet, but when you take the time to look at it closer, you’ll see that isn’t the case at all. The keto diet has stood the test of time and is now seen as a lifestyle option that can assist with weight loss and maintenance and reduced blood sugar levels. It can also help reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels and may even help to lower blood pressure.

If you’ve recently made the transition to the keto diet and are having a hard time sticking with it, here are some tips that can help.

Research the Keto Diet in Full

Before you can fully embrace a keto lifestyle, you must understand what is involved. Take time to do your research on the principles of keto, the main goals, what it means to be keto-friendly and the different benefits. The more you learn, the more confident you’ll be as you transition to the keto diet. If you feel unsure about the benefits and whether it’s safe for you, speak to your doctor and get their professional input.

Print Out a Keto-Friendly Food List

It's going to feel very confusing in those first days, weeks and even months as you try to come up with recipes and meal plans that adhere to the keto diet. To help answer questions you may have, print out a keto-friendly food list that you can place in an easy-to-read location in the kitchen. You'll be able to refer to the list as often as you need to.

Look for Substitutes for Old Favorites

Giving up old favorite dishes is probably one of the toughest parts about the keto diet, or any diet change. You crave those old favorites, and it can feel like you’re giving up more than you may be gaining. This is where substitutions can prove useful. These are meant to taste like or mimic your favorite ingredients and foods that aren’t keto-friendly.

Rice is a great example of a food that isn’t keto-friendly. It is classified as a high-carb option, so it's advised that you remove it from your meal rotation. A great solution can be cauliflower rice or another plant-based rice-style product. Rice is often the perfect side dish or vessel for a variety of recipes, so having these keto-friendly substitutes available makes a big difference.

Seek Out Keto-Friendly Recipes Online

If you’re feeling stuck for tasty and exciting recipe ideas, try searching online. Because the keto diet is so popular, there is no shortage of websites that focus on the lifestyle. You’ll find everything from quick and simple recipes to an elegant dinner party meal plan.

Change can be hard, and it may not be something you can easily embrace. These tips can make transitioning to a keto lifestyle much smoother, more enjoyable and more successful.