It's always alright to hop on the trend train. When it comes to the digital world, there's always something trendy being introduced every single day. The rise of technology has paved the way for a new era of creative integration in websites that weren't possible before. Many brands will constantly renovate their website with the latest likely trends to skim through the competitive environment and build a long-term positive consumer relationship.

While brands strive to create great websites, government websites continue to fall behind modern standards. Now, we can agree that a beautiful website should be the last thing on the government's mind. Still, the population always turns towards government websites as the leading reliable source of information. But the user experience on government websites could be more positive, which can be down to numerous reasons, but because they feel very outdated compared to modern websites.

It's about time that the government finally picked up the pace to meet modern standards by integrating modern new features on their website.

Why Do Government Websites Need To Be Redesigned?

There are plenty of factors that government websites need to be redesigned that involve a mix of aesthetic appeal and technical performance. Let us explain what a modern redesign of government websites can contribute to;

Better User Experience

When your website is updated to modern standards by keeping a blend of visuals and fast accessibility, it can help provide users with the best experience. It is essential to keep your website possessing a people-centric approach where you focus on providing easy and fast services or information to visitors without any hassle. In order to improve user experience, a government website must contain a clean and minimalistic design, with a fast loading speed and easy navigation for the users.

Reliability Among People

The most critical factor behind keeping the government website to modern standards is showcasing a sense of reliability among the population. People put their unyielding trust in government websites, and an outdated layout can imperil that relationship. A website integrated with modern standards will help improve the public's trustworthiness in the government and form a better relationship.

Quality Of Standard

Last but not least, everyone expects the government to attribute to the highest form of standards. A website represents a government office, and modernizing your website showcases a positive and elevated state of professional standards of the government. One of the primary ways to improve the quality of standards is to implement SEO activities where the website is ideally optimized according to the latest protocols of search engine algorithms.

5 Must-Have Trends For Every Government Website

The digital world consists of an array of intelligent new features that can be used on websites, but only some things would be suitable for a government website. What exactly do they lack, and what can they implement to make their website more modern but keep their professional outlook? Let us walk you through 5 common trends that every government website must implement.

1. Use Of Vibrant Colors

One of the biggest complaints of government websites is that they are too dull looking with the use of bland color palettes. That should be different with government websites, as colors are a statement choice to represent the energy the office must consist of. Dull colors are simply a representation of a nondescript office. With big, bold, and vibrant colors, a government website can do a 360 change to the overall aesthetic and improve its user impression. But of course, it is essential to choose a color that best represents the government branch as you ought to retain your professional standards.

2. 3D Animations & Images

One of a government website's most outdated features is that it still keeps the same stock images on its pages. The advancement of web browser technology has given a way to implement an advanced form of illustration to help connect better with the audience. Illustrations, 3D Animations, and GIFs are a new way of showcasing creative storytelling on websites that government websites MUST make full use of. For a website that relies on creating a solid form of trust among its users, moving images can help make its cause much simpler.

3. Simple Content-Focused UI/UX

Government websites are initially developed from the perspective of being used by government officials, so their content is not quite people-centric. Users may find themselves spending too much time finding the specific content they are looking for. Content must always be the highlight of every website and should address the complete services of information offered by the website. Most government websites have a cluttered UI/UX layout that makes the navigation for users too complicated. Websites in modern trends focus on a clean and straightforward look that perfectly aligns the content according to the needs of the consumers, and government websites should also follow suit.

4. Image Headers

Image headers or full page headers are a new trendy feature used by eCommerce websites to maximize their conversion among visitors. That's because whenever a user clicks on a website, they tend to focus more on the top right area of the website, and that's the area where most brands integrate a CTA (Call-To-Action) button on a quirky, fun, but direct image header to maximize the rate of conversion. Government websites can also implement this to direct the visitor rate towards an essential update, information, or service. Image headers add soul to the website and a twist of fun while keeping the government office's sleek, professional look.

5. Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a new but widely incorporated feature used by developers to add a bit of creativity and vibrancy to the website. Parallax scrolling is a computer graphics technique where an animated image or video starts playing upon placing a cursor over it. Parallax Scrolling creates an illusion of depth and is a great way to showcase a creative way of storytelling that government websites use best. It also adds a bit of creativity to the website and shatters the outdated approach of every government website in existence.

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