One of the biggest issues with having and using an electric wheelchair is that their size and weight often make them hard to transport. Getting a massive wheelchair into and out of a car is a job that can take up tons of time and be quite a mission! 

Our team here at Ephesus has worked to develop a device that solves these issues and still delivers and provides the ideal solution for those with mobility issues. The portable electric wheelchair for adults is light in weight and is able to fold up to make it far easier to transport, helping ensure that the user is able to travel with and use the device wherever they may need it! This folding electric wheelchair makes life easier and allows those who have mobility issues to gain more freedom! 

What Are The Advantages Of a Folding Electric Wheelchair?
One of the main advantages of folding electric wheelchairs is that they can be easily transported, whether they are going on a plane or are being put in a car. A lightweight portable electric wheelchair is far easier to manage and will be able to easily fold away and can then be stored. On a fully charged battery, this lightweight electric wheelchair is able to travel for up to 15.5 miles. If you are planning on going a far distance with the chair, do not worry, you can simply bring along an extra battery and replace it when the old one dies! 

Do Airplanes Accept Folding Electric Wheelchairs?
Yes, one of the best things about a folding electric wheelchair is that it can be taken on planes. While previous kinds of electric wheelchairs were too heavy and rigid to be able to be placed on planes or other modes of transport, this version has been specifically designed to ensure that moving it when not being used is possible. This makes traveling for those who are wheelchair-bound much easier! 

Are Ephesus Folding Electric Wheelchairs Easy To Transport?
Yes, the foldable electric wheelchairs produced by Ephesus are very easy to fold and transport. One of the things that makes this device unique is that it has batteries that are removable. While this helps when it comes to using the device to travel far distances, it also makes it much easier and lighter to transport. Once the electric wheelchair has had the batteries removed, it easily folds up into a compact object that can then be moved. When including the weight of the batteries, the device weighs 67.5 lbs, making it easy for two people to lift and move it! For more information on the different folding electric wheelchairs offered by Ephesus, head on over to their website!