Screen recording technology began in the 1990s and has tremendously grown. Initially, it was used to develop software demos or tutorials. Today, the field has changed and screen recording uses have widened. People use it to capture footage on screens or activities on their desktops. You need screen recording to capture webinars, explain topics, give guidelines, and many more. There are hundreds of applications that you can use for this purpose. But here’s the list of the best so that you can choose the right one easily.

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1. Riverside

Riverside is a popular screen recording software for Windows and Mac. It offers users one of the simplest ways to record high-quality screens. You can use it when hosting webinars, interviews, business meetings, or online tutoring. The application lets you share your screens with your audiences in real-time. It records and saves screens allowing you to download high-quality files. It offers various powerful recording features.

HD video recording with audio
Hold remote meetings and record screens simultaneously
Download screens and sync them
Edit screen add logo, and customize

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2. Loom

Loom is one of the best screen recording software popular among professionals. Its paid plan allows you to record unlimited screen and time. It offers you a variety of editing tools to fine-tune your screens before sharing. Both its free and paid versions do not add a watermark to your files. Its features include the following:

Track views of your shared screens to get an idea of the engagement level 
Edit your screen in an instant or transcribe them
Add reactions to your screen videos such as emojis or comments

3. Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the best screen recorder for PC with a high range of features. It can be integrated with many other tools and has a simple interface. The tool allows you to record websites, video calls, and local screens. Its drag-and-drop feature allows you to set your recording settings quickly. Its features include:

Drag-and-drop editor
Export screens to social media and video channels
A wide range of themes and libraries
Work with keyboard shortcuts to get started quickly

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4. Vmaker

Vmaker is another best screen recorder for Mac loved by beginners and experts. You can record your screens in seven different languages including English and French. Its free plan offers limited features. If you want to use advanced features, you have to choose the paid plan. It has a wide range of features such as:

Annotate screens
Customize the background
Schedule recording
Use its built-in editor
Record unlimited screens without watermarks
Host and record webinars

5. Descript

Descript is an all-purpose third-party screen recorder that can record multiple screens. It allows you to connect several cameras and record them including your screen. It has an instant editing feature for editing your screens before you share them. Its features include:

Screen record your screen and yourself
Edit your audio and videos to add text
Do annotations and audio effects to your files
Do instant sharing across different platforms

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6. Free Cam

Free Cam is a free Windows screen recorder with an intuitive interface. It has an inbuilt editor for videos and audio. You can customize it to record just a part or your entire screen. You may also choose to record audio only as you do your narration. You can do more with this application such as:

Add a wide range of audio/video effects
Eliminate background noise
Edit videos 
Share screen records

7. Screen Flow

Screen Flow is a screen recording software built for Mac. It offers you a wide range of features such as cropping, zooming, and panning. You can use it to add annotations and edit your files. You may opt to capture part of your entire screen. 

Record desktop or audio
Cast screen records on the web
Customize your screens or zoom any part of your screen
Edit videos by cutting and joining them


When you are choosing a screen recording software, consider your recording goals first. You may opt for free screen recorders or paid options depending on your goals. Your recorder must offer high resolution, local recording, screen recording, and multi-screen recording. They allow you to record your screens, edit, and save them for different uses.