An air conditioner is among the essential electronic machines that are quite helpful. Either you are using it at home or at work, there is need to keep it in a good state for it to give you an excellent service. Developed in different sizes and models, all of them have the same maintenance requirements. While you can afford a specialized electrician, there is a need for you to understand the basic ways on how to service the equipment. It is for that reason that this article will illustrate some of the ways you service an air conditioner.

1 Shut the Power Off

As you all know, an air conditioner uses electricity; failure to turn it off, you might get electrocuted. So, the first thing to do is to turn it off because of the moving parts and then turn electricity off from the power box before doing anything. It contains an exterior power -off box where you can turn it off.

2 Clean the Condenser by Removing Debris

Remove the fan from the fan cage and make sure you clean the fans inside the condenser properly. You may need to wear gloves here because you will have to remove screws as well as touching oil. It is important to be careful with this part because in case of damage a lot of money is involved. Since this where the fan rotates, you will have to oil the fan motor to make rotation more efficient.

3 Clean Fins

The best way to clean fins is first by removing the outer covers. With the help of a brush and a powerful vacuum get rid of every single dust or materials from the fins. Again, ensure you use the right amount of pressure in order to avoid destroying the fins. For example, Commercial cleaners from usually apply cleansing sprays when cleaning these parts. Finish by straightening the fins to allow enough air circulation.

4 Recycle the Refrigerant

Changing the refrigerant during the repairing process is important. However, due to the delicacy involved when changing the refrigerant, you might need a professional to assist you. Also, you might need to clean the area around the unit. Once done, cover it properly to prevent birds from building their nests in the part.

5 Clean the Evaporator Coil

Coils are a little bit deeper as compared to other parts. In fact, you cannot access an evaporator without having to remove some few screws. Unlike in other parts, clean using a soft cloth or brush then apply a cleaner spray. If there is any water inside, drain it completely leaving it dry.

6 Service the Filter and Ducts

Filters are very important in an air conditioner. You may decide to clean them or replace them if they are seriously damaged. It is recommended to keep them clean all the time in order to avoid fungal or bacterial growth. Similarly, remove debris and dirt from the ducts by the help of a vacuum cleaner. Lastly, maintain it on a regular basis to get the best out of it. You can hire as the best company for servicing and repairing. 

In conclusion, an air conditioner needs to be maintained on a regular basis so that it can perform properly. Failure to do a routine checkup might result to growth of fungi and bacteria in the fans and blockage of ducts. With the help of a commercial cleaner, you can give your air conditioner a long lasting life.