It's definitely not the fanciest of things to do, but getting your gutters cleaned is nonetheless very important. It's usually quite easy to shrug off the need to get your gutters clean, but you may end up paying dearly for such procrastination. A lot of people don't usually think of the number of problems that may emanate from clogged gutters, but they are surprisingly a lot of them. 

For whatever reason you may have been rescheduling that much needed clean-up or just not showing enough interest, we have put together four reasons you definitely need to get your roof gutters cleaned up. 

Preventing frequent roof damage

We all take care to keep our home safe; we install smoke detectors, security cameras and sometimes even nudge things up a bit by hiring a home security company. But how much thought do we give to damages to properties that may arise from damaged roofs?  Damaged roofs are almost sure to become leaky, accelerating the decay of your house roof rails. With water leaking through your ceiling, your household items may not entirely be safe. Documents left in the open could be seriously damaged as well. If this is a threat you don't frequently consider, it may help to totally guard against such by cleaning out your gutters. 

Clogged gutters are full of debris that prevent water from draining away from your roof. This causes unnecessary buildup of moist dirt that encourages mould growths on roofs. Worst off, this results in frequent roof leakage due to cracks on the gutters. During winter, clogged gutters are almost sure to trap ice.  The heavy weight of the accumulated ice may also result in structural damages to your roof itself. 

Keeping out Pest

Nothing screams 'Pest breeding ground' like a gutter clogged with decaying leaves and tree branches. A bed of damp leaves can be very alluring to mosquitoes and even much more destructive pest. Wasp, bees and hornets are one of the most common gutter invaders thanks to their natural attraction to moist places. If the ever get a chance to build a nest, the might significantly increase in number, become aggressive and attack home residents if the sense a threat to their new found home. 

Termites and caterpillars in the other hand could even be even much more destructive. Just like their bees and wasp relatives, the love moist environment - especially decaying leaves and woods. The can pose a significant threat to your roofs, foundation and household items.  

Mosquitoes are another creature you definitely don't want near your home. Apart from being super annoying little creatures, the take a lot of pride in spreading dangerous diseases. Unless of course you don't have any problem with having to do a home or office fumigation every now and then - you might want to have a thorough gutter cleaning London done. 

Preventing damages to walls, floors and foundation

Apart from damages to roofs, leaking water from clogged gutters could cause mild to serious damages to our walls and foundation. 

Gutters were meant to shield our walls and foundation from water damages. It is designed to channel water off your roof away from your walls and foundation. Unfortunately, a clogged gutter does just about the opposite. Rather than channel off water, it drips water all around your walls and foundation. Initially, it doesn't look like much of a problem. But overtime, it reduces the integrity of your building; it inflicts costly damages to your walls, fascia board and floor. 

If left unchecked, such damages could reduce the stability of the building and significantly reduce it value. Cleaning your gutters is a good way to avoid such uncomfortable situations. 

Preventing health hazards

Apart from the plethora of diseases that is spread by pest that are attracted by clogged gutters, there are a handful of other health hazards associated with clogged gutters. Water which finds its way into your basement due to blocked gutters can cause basement flooding. Though basement flooding on its own is a serious problem for homeowners, such flooding fuels the growth of molds and mildews. Mold spores is known to be responsible for a number of respiratory disorders and can cause serious allergic reactions in some people. 

Like we have seen, dirty and clogged gutters could create a number of costly problems. From pest infestation to damaged properties, we may definitely end up spending much more than we would do to get a gutter cleaning London carried out. But for a variety of reasons, the condition of our gutter is an often ignored problem. The key to avoiding any financially burdening problems from clogged gutters is to hire professional gutter cleaners at least twice a year.