Drainage problems may sneak up at the worst hours. Apart from being irritating and tacky, they also pose threat to your health and pollute the environment. They may also cause seepage and surging. Luckily, you have ways to avoid this routine. If particles, saplings, hair, fur, or small items enter your drainage system, it may block it. Often your pipework may get blocked. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your drainage system obstruction free:

1. A plunger is the simplest and most convenient resources
2. Every week, you should pull out the cork of your bath tub and remove any accumulated hair, debris etc. also make sure you clean the stopper before you put it back in the hair.
3. You may drop a lot of hair in your bathroom, you should put a fine mesh in the sink or bath tub to get rid of it. You also wouldn’t want food to go down the kitchen sink. So you can use similar mesh in the kitchen too.
4. Also eliminate free fur before going to the shower as the accumulation in the drains would be much less.
5. You should have a grate to cover the drain. You should use bacteriological drain which aren’t corrosive.
6. If you have a garden, then keep it far from your plumbing so that the expansion of the greeneries and its roots doesn’t affect your drains.
7. You can hire a drainage organization on an annual basis to do assessments and clean your drains well. Drainage Ipswich is one of these services. The members of the company will visit your place to inspect the drain and do necessary cleaning. This is the best way to properly maintain your house drains.
8. Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners. Because they are reactive, they may consume the sides of plumbing.
9. Always keep the dustbin separate from the drainage.
10. Do not allow the things mentioned below to enter your drain, oil, essential oil, makeup, medicine, locks, chewing gum, grains, contraceptive, hair, fat etc.
11. Sink should only be reserved for water and your toilet only for body waste.
12. Pick a normal hanger and straighten it and then bend it from one side. Make it in the shape of a hook. You can use it to remove debris which may gather in the drain.
13. You can put some lukewarm brine in the sink of your kitchen so remove oil buildup.
14. You have a number of traditional and non-traditional ideas to properly maintain your drainage system. Make sure you don’t use any acid and chemicals in the cleaning.

If you are facing any kind of problem with your drainage system and you have tried home remedies and gathered no success, then you should hire drainage company. You can get in touch with a professional drainage Ipswich Company who can handle all types of drainage system issues and give you the best solutions in the shortest time period.