When you think of maintaining your home the last thing most homeowners remember is their garage door. Unless it is a garage from an older model home or the garage door is already damaged, getting a new garage door is the last item to replace on the list.

 How exactly would you know if it is time to invest in a new garage door? Where would I purchase one? There are several companies like STI Garage Door that repair garage door in Silver Spring, MD, and also install new ones. Here are a few common issues that you may notice you are paying more attention to than usual, that will let you know you need to buy a new door.

The Garage Door is Heavily Damaged

Some reasons may seem more obvious than others that will let you know that you may need a new garage door. First is if there are dents in your door. Whether they are small or visible across the street, those dents will keep the door from opening and closing making the garage non-functional. Also, if you see cracks in the door and it makes it looked warped then it’s time for a new door.

Weather is Coming into Your Garage

When you can see the rain coming through the sides of your door this could be a sign of needing a replacement. Water coming in through the sides and also under your door are signs of old age and structural issues. A new garage door will protect your items inside the garage from water damage. If you can see water then you will most likely also feel a draft coming from outside. You probably could fix it by covering it but chances are this is a sign of an old aged door and replacing it would be best.

The Door Won’t Cooperate with the Motor

If you put a motor in an older garage that needs repairs or should be replaced you are only going to cause damage to the motor or damage the door even more. If you hear loud sounds when you let your door up or down that means the pulley system is old and the motor is too much for it. Also, if your door is constantly opening and closing at a drastically slow rate, pressing the open and door button more will cause damage to the motor. This is another clear sign that your door requires a replacement.

Someone Broke In

If you are in a home that was made in the 1990’s or older your garage door's security system is not as advanced as newer garage door models of today. Due to this, the chances of your garage getting broken into are higher. If someone has already gotten into your garage, then a replacement should be done immediately. You could look into getting a new security code or system but if you think about it you don’t really know how the burglar got in, therefore, a new door would be best. Garage repair services can not only install a new door but also install the latest security features that you can add to your garage.