If you’re on the market for a new home and are unsure about whether or not to build it from the ground up or purchase a newly built structure, then you’ve come to the right place. We can appreciate that this is not an easy decision for you, which is why we’ve made a list of just some of reasons why you should consider investing in a custom-built home instead of purchasing a turnkey house. 

- You get a fully customized home:
A custom home builder will work with you from the start to design and build a dream home that you can truly be proud of. You won’t have to conform to any predestined specifications as your home builder will custom design your home to the tee, while taking your budget and priorities into consideration. 

- You can build in difficult terrain:
Some of the most beautiful homes are those that are situated in isolated yet impossible terrain, most of which feature extreme slopes that are difficult to work with. The good news is that experienced custom home builders have the expertise to work around even the toughest challenges to design and build a house that conforms to the land in order to make the most out of the location’s natural features. That way, you get to enjoy a remote location with amazing views of the surrounding area, all without sacrificing your design. 

- Value for money:
At face value, the cost of building a custom designed home is in most cases, more than that of buying an already built house. That said, a pre-built home often needs tweaking in the form of additional fittings and fixtures, or even all-out refurbishment, which can be very costly. With a custom-designed home, you get exactly what you want, at your preferred budget without having to pay for any additions or remodels, as it will already be perfect for you. 

- Quality finishes:
Custom home builders in Australia like Canny specialize in taking even the most difficult design concepts and bringing them to life using the highest building standards. This ensures that you get the best quality finishes throughout. Truth be told, nothing beats custom-finishes when it comes to quality and aesthetic value, and it’s a much better option than going for the conventional cookie-cutter designs of a pre-built house.  

- Access to sustainable options:
The good thing about building a house from scratch is that you can choose the building methods and materials that are being used, and with all the sustainable options available, it only makes sense to incorporate some eco-friendly features into the design and construction of your home. 

From maximizing natural light to using passive heating and cooling methods, your custom home builder can adapt your home’s design to the natural landscape to achieve efficient design while reducing the project’s environmental footprint.    

- Turn your dreams into reality:
A custom-built home ensures that you get a home that’s well-suited to your individual preferences. Whether you like contemporary design or are more of a traditionalist, you’re guaranteed to like the end-result because it will be governed by your original vision. 

Also, you can build the home to suit your unique needs by adding specific areas like a customized home office, a garden-facing home gym, an outdoor pool deck for entertaining, a massive dining room and even a playroom for the kids. Most pre-built homes simply won’t have the specific areas that you want for your home because they weren’t exactly designed for you after all. In most cases, you end up paying for rooms that you don’t even intend on using, whereas with a custom-built home you can choose the amount of rooms you want and how you want them to be oriented and utilized. 

- Encourage kids to stay at home:
Studies reveal that children who have access to home spaces that enable them to play and enjoy recreational activities, are less likely to misbehave. Plus, what kid doesn’t want to have a customized play room/ lounge area/ entertainment lounge to hang out with their siblings and friends with? Your custom built house will give your kids proud bragging rights for living in one of the coolest homes in the neighborhood, while encouraging them to stay at home and enjoy the beautiful spaces that you’ve created for them to freely exist and express themselves in.