It is vital to live in a beautiful environment since it directly impacts our mood, health and mindset. To achieve that, a lot of attention and care is necessary to come up with building designs that people will readily love. That is why experts – like those from Hoek Modular Homes - who design modern granny flats always come up with fantastic ideas with the aim of making home buying as well as affordable living a reality.

All granny flats brisbane options are not the same. So, first-time builders and homeowners who are looking to get into the property market and want something that is modern, architecturally designed and affordable can acquire a popular option. By working with Hoek Modular Homes, clients in the Queensland, Brisbane Region can get a quote for a 1,2,3,4 and 5 bedroom granny flat. Though we are not the outright owners of the designs we have covered here, we hope you will find something that can interest you as you work towards living your dream.

1. Beach House
If you need a granny flat that evokes seaside emotions and memories even when you do not live anywhere near an ocean, then you should consider owning a beach house. It achieves that by incorporating some of the following features in its design: the oceanic soft blue colors, stone and sand colored fabrics, layback wicker furniture, shells, and drifted accents.

2. Japanese
This granny flat design is famously known as "Zen." It puts a lot of emphasizing on natural beauty, backed by clean, simplicity and uncluttered living. Though most authentic Japanese homes are known to have little furniture, this design does not restrict you from having your comforts intact. You can customize this design to include an outside deck as well as water features to offer those soothing sounds that bubbling water produces.

3. The Barton
It is one of the entry level granny flat designs that provides a lot of flexibility as far as customization is concerned. It has metallic corrugated roof sheeting and aluminum windows. Its customizable aluminum sliding door is of standard color range and has flyscreen and keyed locks.

4. Cottage 
If you need a granny flat design that perfectly fits your small space, then the cottage style is an option. It brings along a cozy, casual and comfortable style. Its main features include floral, fresh flowers, soft colors, handmade items, collectibles, antiques, natural and wrought wood. Going for big headboards and embroidered quilts in the bedrooms and overstuffed furniture, tasseled lamps and striped drapes in the lounge create a safe feeling full of nostalgic thoughts.

5. Retro 
Those who love styles and trends from the past — something from the 1950 to 70's — can love themes brought about by the Retro granny flat design. The design is characterized by a lively and fun feels and is accompanied by bold designs, bright colors and a unique sense of flair. The Retro look is not complete minus the crushed velvets and smooth plastic textures, big sofas with multi-colored throw pillows, shiny chrome bar stools, a diner-style kitchen, and an ottoman or two. 

Nothing is fixed when it comes to going for your preferred granny design. You do not have to copy everything from an existing style; there is an option of customizing your preferred design and coming up with something that suits your taste. You can get in touch with professionals from Hoek Modular Homes if you need a design that meets your unique needs.