A holiday season is the best time to seek out ways to make life better. It wouldn't be possible without plenty of freedom and fun. Also, if the holiday bungalow chosen fits in the budget allocated, more money can be spent on activities. Therefore consider various options like travel destination, travel cost, companions, their interest, comfort levels and travel style before making a decision on selecting a holiday bungalow.

Here is a complete guide, a checklist, what to do and not to do while choosing a good holiday bungalow.

Arrangement of Rooms

Access to a complete kitchen. This saves money by not eating outside.
Separate bedrooms near the living rooms make it easier to check on the kids
A self owned laundry system
If the vacation is with 3 to 4 families together, look for a more luxurious bungalow and split the cost.
Small bungalows with more privacy would be good for young couples and business people
A larger area with a greater play area is enjoyable for the kids
Larger bungalows also suit for groups or families


Make sure the bungalow is filled with greenery to have a refreshing vacation
Check if it is free of traffic and speeding cars, so that the kids can play around safely
For young couples without kids, busy places with bars is more enjoyable
For business travelers and old people quiet and peaceful areas are worth a stay.

Features and Furnishings

Wi-fi access, microwave, fridge, cable TV, air conditioning along with mosquito nets have become mandatory for any kind of stay. It is also appreciable if the bungalow owns washing machines and dishwashers
Swimming pools add to the fun during the stay. In such cases the pool should be adequately covered and fenced to give privacy
The entire garden area should also be fenced. This would keep the kids safe providing quality time without much worries
The business people should Check for a good work desk and a good room for group meetings and presentations


If rent is a major concern, plan the vacation during an off season
Plan well ahead and make the bookings early to rent the place at economical rates
Apart from rent, this will also reduce the crowd giving more privacy
Rent the holiday bungalows outside the city to save money
Check for free cancellation option when early bookings are made.

Random Tips

Make use of the internet to the fullest. Some holiday bungalow even provide a digital tour virtually on the net
Check on the reviews and search for holiday forums. See if the name appears in good terms in such forums
Never make hasty decisions as the ratings are good.
Verify with an online visitor about his experiences if possible
Check for compliments provided. For example if the bungalow is near a lake, do they provide fishing accessories and assistance. Or if it is near a beach do they provide assistance for beach sports, etc.