The pressure is on when you need to sell a house quickly. For whatever reasons, selling a home with the minimum of hassle and the maximum of convenience is not something that homeowners believe is possible. Carry on reading for your three options when you want to sell fast, listed from slowest to speediest.

Selling It Yourself
This method of selling your house is the slowest unless you have an interested buyer already on the hook. It may save you from having to pay the agent's commission, but it is not easy making yourself available all the time to answer your phone and emails. Weeding out who is a genuine buyer and who is merely curious is also tricky.

There can be a problem with having an interested buyer that doesn't qualify for a home loan. Many people selling their own house have been caught by someone who can’t afford the asking price. They make an offer and when they can only qualify for a smaller loan, use that as leverage to get you to lower your price. Many homeowners have capitulated to this kind of emotional manipulation. 

Using a Real Estate Agent
The use of a real estate agent is still the most popular option that homeowners choose for selling their house. There is no need to answer phones and emails, and all the buyers have had their loans pre-approved. The real cost, of course, is the commission you pay the agent and the repairs you have to do to the house to get it ready to sell. If you don’t do that, every buyer will undercut your asking price. 

The other catch is that the agent will sell your home in their own time. The average time it took to sell a house in 2018 was a little over two months. This is often an unacceptable timeframe for some homeowners. Whatever you do, don’t be pressured into signing a sole mandate contract with an agent. 

They can make promises to sell your house quicker when they have one, but they should be doing that anyway without a contract to say so. You can sell your house fast with C&S Homes specializes in buying houses in a way that is fair, simple and hassle-free. The more agents that have your house on their books, the more chance there is to sell it.

The Top Way to Sell Your House Quickly
The fastest way to sell your house is by using a trusted home buyer service. If you would like to see our growing Orlando Florida buying area, please follow the link. This is only one of the regions where reliable home buyer services operate by paying cash straight into your account.

After you have received your fast and fair cash offer for your house, you are the one who gets to choose on what day you move out if you live on the premises. When you contact the service, there are no high-pressure sales pitches or sole mandate contracts to sign. You are paid a reasonable market value cash payment with no fees on top of that. A home buyer company is truly the fastest way to sell your house.