Learning that you have pests in your home or office often comes as quite a shock. It is never nice to know that you are sharing where you live or work with something that can spread disease or destroy your property. The key is to spring into action straight away— this is the only thing that will stop the pests from multiplying and taking over.

Pest Prevention
Ideally, you can do this before a pest problem starts in your home. If it is too late for that, then begin these measures as soon as you can. The first countermeasure is to remove all sources of water, food, and shelter. 

You can do this by sealing all wet and dry foods in containers, covering trash cans tightly, and filling dog and cat bowls with only enough food and water for them to eat in one sitting. If water is collecting in any part of your property, call a plumber to have a look at the problem. 

Cleaning and Clutter
Take a tour around your home and mark out the areas where clutter has built up. This includes things such as old books in the attic, newspapers in the basement, and cardboard boxes in the garage. While you are doing this, keep your eyes out for any holes or cracks that pests might be using as a conduit from the garden straight into your house.

If you have been able to identify what kind of pest problem you have or if you have no idea and want to know what is in your house, you can give Environmental Pest Control Inc. a call. They are the number one pest control experts in the Denver area. 

Some Helpful Hints About Pesticides
Controlling a pest problem is not as simple as buying a can of insecticide and spraying, especially if you have pets and children. Extreme caution has to be used when laying down pellets or sugar traps as well. You should carefully observe all the places where you have sprayed and laid down bait in case a household pet or child comes near to it.

Always read the instructions of the over the counter pest control product very carefully and try to stick to buying an insecticide or bait that has been manufactured in the U.S.A. If these items have been made overseas, the instructions and wording may not have been accurately translated. 

If you are the owner of an office complex that has been infested by pests, it is important for you to get on top of the problem as soon as possible. No tenant likes the thought of working where a rat or cockroach can scuttle over their toes. The fastest and safest solution would be for you to call a pest control service.

You can also lay down rules that insist that all edibles and drinks are stowed away at the end of the day. You can check that the cleaners are emptying the garbage correctly. Taking a few precautions around your home and office will make sure that you don’t get a pest problem through carelessness and mess.