No doubts, log homes, and cabins have been capturing the imagination of people for years. It makes you feel closer to nature and gives a sense of accomplishment. The aesthetics invite the dwellers, whereas the natural essence provides peace of mind!

Though it is quite enticing to own a log home, it’s essential to be realistic about what your new build actually involves. So, here we’ve put together five things you should know before you build your log cabin-

Log Homes Require Proper Maintenance
Just because log homes date back to ancient times, it doesn’t mean that everything about them is as simple and easy. It requires more maintenance than you think. So, it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into before committing. 

Sometimes the insects may be already present inside the wood or find their way to your safe haven even after construction. Further, pests can also cause serious damage to your home. 

To keep them out, wood needs to be dried and painted or treated properly. Inspect the home exteriors regularly, and if you find any problem, seek professional help. Look for the small holes that indicate burrowing pests, with a small amount of sawdust nearby. 

As long as you are a responsible homeowner, problems can’t get out of your home and are fixable.

Have Some Caution With Log Kits
Though the log cabin kits are convenient, you have to use them efficiently. Pieces included in the log kits are designed to fit together, leaving a little room for the creative changes. So, make sure to decide beforehand what design you exactly want. 

Some of the kits provide only woods and timber, whereas others may include interior walls as well. So, it would be better to know beforehand what is included in the package. While purchasing the log kits, make sure that the design is exactly what you want.

The Choices Are Endless
Today, log homes have come a long way from traditional structures and can fit anyone’s tastes. Different trees for obtaining wood, different processes involved in stacking, and anchoring the logs-these factors change the appearance of log homes drastically. 

There are sawn logs that are sawed at varying widths but still look unique. On the other hand, the milled logs are molded to regulate their size and appearance.

Whatever type of log you choose, a log home gives appeal to the interiors, as well as exteriors of the house. You can choose to build a fireplace or brick entryway to add to your aesthetics. 

Pay Attention To The Construction And Wiring
Incorrect construction results in gaps in the logs and prevents insulation. So, it is crucial to check what type of wood is being used to construct homes. Check out which type of wood will retain the heat best in your area. 

Also, make sure that you have handed the project to the professionals who know what they are doing. Further, the process of filling gaps with a sealant is an important thing you can’t skip. 

Besides temperature, wiring in the log home for electricity can be tricky. Drilling through the log, placing outlets, running wires-it is something only professional electricians can do.
Moreover, the sheer size of logs necessitates the need for proper planning for wiring. 
However, if you pay attention to these things, you get your modern log home built in no time. 

Choose The Log Kit Carefully
Consider a log home or cabin kit that has all the necessary parts. What this means is that the kit should include all the tools needed for drying, chopping, shaping, and assembly of the logs. Search for the best companies offering log home kits to give you a beautiful rustic getaway.

These are some things to remember while constructing your new log home. Make the best of your planning and get as much knowledge as you can about maintaining the log homes, wiring, expert builders, etc.