If you want a glamorous kitchen, there are a few things you might have to change. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, for many people. You cook in there, but you may also entertain guests in there, work in there, and do a number of other tasks. If you want to feel great when you spend time in your kitchen, here’s how you can make yours more glamorous step by step.

Choose A Glamorous Colour Scheme

If you want a glamorous kitchen, first decide on a glamorous colour scheme. This means choosing jewel colours, such as turquoise and purple. Darker colours tend to give a richer, more luxurious feel. However, you want to make sure you’re careful not to close your kitchen off and make it feel smaller.

Don’t Forget To Add Metallics

Adding metallics to your current scheme is a great way to bring it to life and make it look fancy. You could add a metallic vase, for example, or even metallic appliances. Metallic accessories with jewel colours will help you to instantly glam up your kitchen.

Pick A New Sink

If you’ve had your sink a while, selecting a new one could be a good idea. Ceramic sinks can look very elegant, but you can get many different kinds and sizes depending on your lifestyle.

Add A Feature Wall With Pretty Paper

If you want to add personality and interest to your kitchen, consider creating a feature wall with pretty wallpaper. Just ensure this isn’t near the sink or the cooker, as you don’t want water and steam to peel it and damage the area.


Refinish Your Cabinets

You don’t need to buy new cabinets to have a glamorous kitchen. You could simply refinish your cabinets, either reworking them to get the real wood look, or adding a different finish on top. This could take a few weekends, but you’ll save money over buying brand new cabinets.

Add New Hardware

Take off your old hardware and add new hardware. You could go for brass, silver, gold, or even rose gold. There are all kinds of styles you can choose too. For contemporary glam, you could go for something more modern looking. Then you have vintage glam. There’s something to suit every style, so decide which kind of glam you want to emulate in your kitchen. 

Add Oversized Light Shades Or Pendants

Spotlighting in the kitchen looks good, but it isn’t necessarily glamorous. By adding an oversized light shade or pendant, you can create a far more glamorous look. However, just make sure you don’t place them in a way people will bang into them as they move around. You might even like to add a chandelier for the ultimate glam look! 

No matter the size of your kitchen or the current style, you can use these tips to make it look more glamorous. You’ll love spending time in there, and so will your guests. If you have tips of your own, make sure you leave them below!