Choosing the right appliances can make a huge difference to your modern kitchen. When it comes to making your decision, you're going to want to choose appliances that will not only integrate seamlessly into your kitchen, but also make your life easier.

Today, the kitchen is no longer just a room where people make food. Kitchens are used for entertaining and spending time with the family, so you want your appliances to be reliable and ready for whatever task you have in mind. Whether you're cooking a four-course dinner, or you're whipping up a dessert, you need a kitchen that's equipped for every dish. We've outlined some considerations to keep in mind when deciding on appliances for your kitchen.


Investing in a new hood for your kitchen could be hugely beneficial. The first thing you should consider is whether to go for extraction or recirculation of the air. Usually, the best way to remove cooking odours is with extraction and this is where the air is extracted out of the room through the ducting. Sometimes, however, it's simply not possible to have an extraction hood installed so the only alternative, in this case, is to re-circulate the air. So have a look at the space in your home - if you're able to attach the hood close enough to an outside wall, extraction should be a possibility.

If your existing hood is noisy, think about the difference having a quiet fan would make, as it would likely transform your kitchen into an entertaining space. So if you regularly cook up a feast for your friends, it's a good idea to consider a NEFF hood, which has been designed to function quietly, even when being used on the highest setting.


Ensuring your kitchen appliances are future-proof is just part of owning a modern kitchen. With advances in technology making cooking easier than ever, now might be a good time to upgrade your hob. If you're after added flexibility, then an electric hob might appeal, or alternatively, you could go with an innovative gas hob, or even a fast induction one. NEFF's selection of hobs includes the Domino range, which mixes electric, gas and fast induction, expertly combining design, performance and technology.

Fridge freezer

Having a well functioning fridge freezer will allow you to provide your family with fresh ingredients in every meal, allowing them to enjoy a diet that's both healthy and balanced. If you've had the same fridge for a while, you may find that storing perishables is becoming difficult. With a new fridge freezer, however, you can perfectly store and preserve your items, meaning they'll stay fresh for longer, which in turn will make food waste a distant memory.

The amount of space you have in your kitchen will be one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to the type of fridge freezer you opt for. A large, American-style fridge will help you store plenty of food for all the family, but there are some great options if you require a more streamlined model. It's always a good idea to look for a fridge freezer that comes with an A+ energy rating too - that way, you can be sure your fridge is cheap to run and environmentally friendly.

No matter what appliance you require, whether it's an innovative hob that's easy to use, an incredibly quiet extractor fan that will quickly remove any odours, or an A+ energy rated fridge freezer complete with fresh safe technology, NEFF are bound to have something to suit your needs. Check out the full range of NEFF kitchen appliances.