Everyone has made some kind of dream design for their homes. Since kitchens are one of the most critical parts of the house. It is the place where we spend most of our times. Well! We all are well aware that kitchen design should be airy and all but when we are designing the kitchen, we usually miss out on some essential aspects. 

Most people complain about the fact that their kitchen is quite small. There is no need to feel sorry for yourself in that case as you can manage to create the best design out of the smallest areas. 

If you are thinking of redoing the kitchen, here are some amazing ideas for you to change your life for the better.

1. Dark walls 
People don't usually prefer dark walls as supposedly they make the room look smaller. This concept is true, dark walls do make the room look quite smaller, but it has its own perks. See, the kitchen walls get messy just in few days especially if you use a lot of oil in your food. The heat and greasy substance from the food gets stuck on the wall and give bad look. If you have dark walls in the kitchen it will always appear to be clean.  

2. Larger cabinets 
Never, I repeat never forget the cabinets. The more the cabinets, the better it is. Try to have more cabinets in smaller area. if you think you do not need cabinets and you can put everything on the counter. This is where you cannot be more wrong. Yes, you can put everything on the counter but that will not be an ideal situation. Things will get dirty a lot more often and you will have to do dusting every single day. That will just increase your burden.

3. Antique design 
The antique design is quite in these days, whether it is in the bedrooms or kitchens. It has its own perks. You can get so many benefits in less money. Paint the bricks all white, and have wooden cabinets. Put a wooden table in the middle of the kitchen. Put the wood basket on it, through in some fruits, and your kitchen is ready. The whole point is that make the interior wooden themed.

4. Build in vacuum cleaner
Keeping kitchen floors clean is one of the hardest things. The things keep smiling, and you have got to clean everything again and again. In modern designs, there are built-in vacuum cleaners under the sink. Just through the mess in and you will have clean floors in no time. 

5. Wall decorations 
It is a common concept to put things up on walls in bedrooms or living rooms, but when it comes to the kitchen, we usually neglect it. Always put something on the walls. A basket of flowers, your favorite quote, a wall clock. There are no specific rules for kitchen decorations. Anything will go until it is neat and clean.

6. Golden theme 
Another unique way of doing the kitchen is by making the cabinets golden. This theme is not very common but looks amazing. The cabinets are coated with golden sheets so does the fridge. The best part is that you do not have to change the wall or counter colors. This theme goes with almost everything. All you have got to do is buy the cabinet sheets and wrap them in it. Look into worktops near you if you want to find a worktop that better matches the gold effect.

7. Chalk board 
Paint the portion of the wall in black color and make it blackboard. Every time you have anything to remember, just write it down with the chalk.