Do you want to remodel your kitchen? Or, do you want to build a new kitchen from scratch? If that so, there is one thing that you need to do first. You must plan it. Create the sketch of the kitchen you want to build or the new looks after remodeling. Now the question is how can we create that kind of sketch easily? The answer is using the KITCHEN DESIGN SOFTWARE.

What Can Kitchen Design Software Do for You?
Actually, you can create the design or sketch using the 3D design software. However, if you use that software, you will need a lot of time to master it, until you can use it to create the design that you want. Moreover, it is not everyone wants to be a 3D designer, isn’t it? Therefore, using software that is specially designed for designing a kitchen is the best option.

The kitchen design software provides the easiest way to create the design for your kitchen. The reason is the feature in the software is ready to use to create many parts of your kitchen. So, what you need to do is combining them and creates the looks that you want. 

Now, among the many software for designing your kitchen you can find out there, which one is the best? It’s difficult to choose one. However, we have found one software that can give us everything that we need to create the kitchen design. It’s called 2020 Design. This software is specially made to design kitchen and bathroom.

The 2020 Design Software Features

2020 Design software has many useful features. Here are some of them:

- Catalog Content
Just like its name, this feature allows you to access the list of the kitchen utensils and equipment, plus furniture. 2020 Design has one of the completed and updated collection of this product. Therefore, you will be able to easily visualize the appearance of your new kitchen using this software. 

The good thing about this catalog is you can get detail information about the product. Therefore, it also can help you to shop the product later. That way you can save more time. It also helps you to calculate how much budget that you need to prepare.

- Renderings
The renderings capability in 2020 Design software is very amazing. The rendering process is really fast. Moreover, it uses one of the latest rendering engines. The latest rendering engine allows you to create the image with high-quality photorealism appearance. It looks like a real one. This is a great thing because you feel like seeing the photo of the real kitchen. So, you can imagine how your kitchen will be later after it is done.

- Panoramic 360 Degrees View
This is one of the best features you can get from 2020 Design software. Once the rendering process is finished, you can choose to activate this feature. And like its name, with this feature, you can see the surrounding of the 3 dimension design that you’ve just made. It feels like you are inside a real kitchen.
If you use 2020 Design for your designing job, this feature is also a great addition you can use. With the Panoramic 360 Degrees View, you can easily present your creation to your client. Your client also can easily understand and see the result of your design. 

- Lighting Wizard
You can add many different types of lighting in your design. As we all know, the kitchen doesn’t only need the main light for room illumination purpose. You also need to add accent light to add the color or emphasize a certain area in your kitchen. 

- Closet Add-On
In the kitchen, you also need to add cabinet and such. This add-on can help you to do that. It is actually an add-on for designing cabinet and storage system. But, you can tweak it a little and use it to create the nice design of kitchen cabinet.

So, with those features and capability, you must understand why KITCHEN DESIGN SOFTWARE is very helpful for your designing needs. You can save more time and produce the best result and design. Now, you are ready to start your plan to remodel your kitchen or build the new one.