It is always fun to get relaxed in front of warm flames made of real woods at home. But not many people are blessed with a large home to allow them to install a fireplace. This is how the log burning stoves will be a great solution to keep you warm during the cold months. With a relatively smaller size, the wood-burning stove will fit a tiny house and of course, more affordable.

Size of Wood Burning Stove 
The log stove size usually varies from 3 to 15 kilowatts (kW). Speaking about the ideal size of the log burner, it will depend on the size of your room. The size of the log stove to choose will also rely on how well insulated your house is. To find the perfect size, you need to follow a simple rule. Make sure that you multiply the length, width, and height of your room in meters first. Then, divide the total number you get by fourteen. This will allow you to get the rightest size of the log stove for your room. You can buy a smaller stove if your house is very well insulated. The stove is cheaper to operate since it uses fewer woods and cost less too. But you need to keep in mind that all wood-burning stoves come with an efficiency rating. The higher the efficiency rating, the better the heat will be produced by the log stove. When measuring your room size for the stove, make sure that you also consider how much storage space you need to store the logs. Most of the time, you will need enough space to allow you to store a few m3 of woods undercover. 

Installation Cost
The installation cost of log burning stoves is determined by three aspects. They are the type of stove, size of the stove, and individual features of your house. The minimum cost of a good wood burning stove ranges from £400 to £1,500 each. Meanwhile, the average cost needed for a wood burner as well as the installation is about £2,000. Of course, there always be a cheaper option you can choose. However, installing an integrated stove that is placed within a wall could a more expensive option to take. 

Cost of Firewoods
When installing a log burner, you also need to consider the cost of firewood as well. Most of the time, the cost of the firewoods will rely on where you live. This is because the delivery of hardwood to your house will be counted per cubic meter, typically £95 a load. You might survive the cold months by using the firewoods of two or three loads. But, again, this will depend on several factors including how well insulated your home is, how mild the winter is, and the size of your house.

Log Stove Maintenance
Log burning stoves only requires low maintenance. All you need to do is wiping the glass window and clearing away ash. You also need to sweep the chimney twice a year to avoid the build-up of flammable residue.