Storage products and units such as ladder shelves are great for decorating homes and space utilization purpose. So, if you are planning to revamp the overall appearance and looks of your home, then use ladder shelves to add life to your interiors.  Here, discover how to use ladder shelves for making your homes attractive and appealing.

What is a Ladder Shelf?

Ladder shelves are used by home owners for decorating their homes and storing other stuff such as books, decorative items and plants among other items. The ladder shelf allows the user to save a great deal of space and also add creativity and functionality to their homes. Ladder shelves basically lean against the wall and feature receptacles and baseboard moldings. Ladder shelves also feature hardwood frame, which makes it extremely strong and ensures that it does not topple from its position. When placed next to the window or fireplace, the ladder shelf is great for revamping the entire appearance of the room. In fact, it serves as a great piece of furniture for living room. Homeowners with limited space within their homes can place a ladder shelf vertically and use it for displaying their favorite decorative pieces, photos, flowers and even statuettes. People also use old ladder shelves for decorating house plants, flowers and vases. You can check out a range of this from BPS Access Solutions.

Depending upon their preference, homeowners can opt for either black ladder shelves or white ladder shelves. While, the dark is visually appealing and great for the aesthetics of the entire room, the white color ladder shelf gives the room a much more clean as well as streamlined look and appearance.

Advantages of Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves offer a host of advantages to its users. No matter which room or corner of your house you choose to place it in, the ladder shelf will fit in really well. For instance, you could easily place the ladder shelf in your kitchen and organize your kitchen essentials such as dishes, mugs and similar other items. One can also place the ladder shelf within their kid’s’ room and place their favorite toys, books, photos, paintings and other items on it.
Ladder shelves are great for saving and utilizing space within your homes. Available in multiple sizes and designs, ladder shelves can be easily mounted on the walls or placed in some empty corner of your house. In fact, some ladder shelves can be placed underneath the staircase as well.

This type of arrangement is excellent for small sized apartments. Another benefit of using ladder shelves is that they are very easily accessible. You can easily arrange your books on these shelves and access them as and when required. Alternatively, one can also place their collection of CDs and DVDs on them and place it next to their home theatre systems in the living room. Apart from this, ladder shelves add an appeal, style and versatility to your homes and spaces. They are available in different sizes, designs, shapes and materials and thus homeowners have multiple options before them. You can build customized ladder shleves by yourself in your homes.

Top 5 trending ladder shelves

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or even if you intend to make the most of your empty spaces, ladder shelves are definitely a great option. Find the most loved  5 unique and impressive ladder book shelves for your home.


Available in attractive black finish and made up of wood, the High leaning ladder style shelf is ideal for storing your favorite magazines and books. This five tier ladder features a unique leaning look and design, which adds to the beauty of your room and corners. One can also use the shelf for storing tapes, DVDs, decorative items and stereo systems.  The shelf is highly durable and made up of fine quality wood. Additionally, it is also very easy to assemble and can be placed in just about any corner or area of your house.

2. Altra Lawrence 4 Shelf Ladder Bookcase Bundle


If you are searching for a stylish and space saving ladder shelf, then the Altra Lawrence 4 Shelf Ladder Bookcase is excellent for re-designing your homes. It consists of 2 ladder style cases, which either be placed together or separate from each others. The ladder shelf comes with 4 shelves of different sizes, which can be conveniently used for placing books, collectibles, decorative items and binders. Whether you are planning to beautify your living space or even if you want to utilize empty corners within your bedroom, this shelf simply won’t disappoint you.  In fact, you can also place your family photographs, plants and other decorative materials on the shelf to give it an impressive look.

3. BUSH FURNITURE Alamosa Ladder Bookcase


If you are an avid reader and love to keep your favorite novels close to you then get the Alamosa ladder shelf today. Featuring four different and unique shelves, this ladder bookcase is tailor-made for homeowners who love to store their books neatly. This particular ladder shelf holds artwork, books and even electronic items. Available in exciting black color, the shelf is twenty five inch wide and nearly 53 inches high. Its compact design makes it excellent for hallways, dorm rooms and even bedrooms. The ladder bookcase is also very versatile and stylish and complements all kinds of furniture and room décor. Carved out of high-quality wood, the book case can easily resist scratches and dents.

4. Monarch Bookcase Ladder with 2-Storage Drawers, 69-Inch, White


In case you need something truly exciting and trendy for your home and interiors then the Monarch ladder bookcase is definitely a great option. Made up of premium quality MDF, the shelf is very contemporary and modern in its design and looks. Available in white color, the bookcase is truly distinct as well as practical. The shelf measures sixty nine inches in height and measures no more than sixty six pound. The shelf has enough space for showcasing your favorite family photos, books, showpieces and other decorative items.

5. Dark Espresso Brown Leaning Bookcase Bookshelf by Poundex


Homeowners who are searching for an attractive and unique book shelf for their abodes can safely invest in the dark espresso brown leaning bookcase. The shelf is easy to assemble and measure twenty five inches in width and 72 inches in height. It features strong and durable shelves and can easily bear around fifteen pounds of load. The shelves grow wider at the bottom and ideal for decorating or furnishing homes.


To sum up, ladder shelves are a great way to add innovation and style to your home. If you are bored of decorating your interiors in the same old-fashioned and mundane way, then you could consider investing in a ladder shelf. Today, homeowners can opt for smart, unique and intelligent space saving ladder shelves and place them horizontally or vertically or in any other style to save space and decorate their homes like never before.