Sleep is crucial for general wellbeing and good health. Just like eating right and exercising, the body cannot function properly without good sleep. There is always a great feeling that comes along with adequate sleep. It is a mood booster that keeps away unsightly bags under the eyes. The importance of good sleep for better health cannot be ignored. The brain needs sleep to do its work well. It is also while sleeping that children and adolescents grow and develop.
Sleep deprivation is always detrimental to a person’s well-being both directly and indirectly. Without good sleep, no one can function optimally. Sleep deprivation has even caused death in some instances when drivers sleeping behind the wheel have caused accidents that have cost people their lives and left others with permanent disabilities. Chronic illnesses like heart problems, mental problems, and hypertension have been found to be linked to sleep deprivation.

Sleeping patterns and the sleeping cycle

Sleeping patterns vary from an individual to another. There are about five sleep stages with each cycle of sleep lasting about 90 minutes. They can be categorized as either:

1.    Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Sleep or,
2.    Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep

The first four stages of sleep characterize NREM sleep, while the last stage is REM sleep.

1.    NREM Sleep
In this category, a person moves from shallow sleep in the first stage to deeper sleep in the fourth stage of sleep. In this stage, the muscular activity and eye movements is minimal but retain their functional abilities.

2.    REM Sleep
In this category, the last stage of sleep is characterized by rapid eye movements and dreaming. There is a back and forth darting of the eyes probably relating to images seen in the dreams. In this stage of sleep, the heart and the diaphragm are the only muscles functioning since the rest are temporarily paralyzed.

Finding the right mattress

Good sleep can only be achieved with comfort and proper posture. The wear and tear of mattresses cause them to become thin, lumpy and uncomfortable. That is why it is always recommended that a person shops for a new mattress after 8 to 10 years. Currently, there are four major types of sleeping mattresses in the market:

1.    Latex mattresses
2.    Open coil/Continuous mattresses
3.    Memory foam mattresses
4.    Pocket sprung mattresses

The latex mattress is a durable heat-free type that is appropriate for those who have allergies (apart from those with latex allergies) or exposed to dust mites. The open coil mattresses are affordable, and its springs move together which may be noisy for people sharing a mattress.

The memory foam mattress is layered with memory foam, which relieves pressure off the joints when sinking into the foam. The pocket sprung mattress can have as many as 3000 springs attached to the pockets of fabric. They can be tailored to have both sides varying in firmness.

Shopping for a mattress online

Finding a good mattress online is as easy as the click of a button. Some mattresses may be costly, but the extra features they have provide the sleeper additional comfort and body support. Customer reviews have been helpful to many when choosing the mattress to buy online. Their opinions regarding comfort, delivery and customer service can be resourceful when choosing the vendor to buy from.


In conclusion, good sleep is ideal for optimal performance. In order to achieve sufficient, good-quality sleep, one must have a mattress that will be comfortable and firm for proper posture. Before replacing that old, lumpy mattress or buying that ortho mattress for relieving the back pain, the sleeping position and benefits of the preferred mattress must be kept in mind.