There is an alarmingly huge garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean at present, and it is continuously growing in size. This garbage patch consists of various debris and plastics that do not readily disintegrate, and its presence is already endangering the lives of aquatic animals. It also pushes the aquatic ecosystem in the Pacific to its tipping point. Hence, a worldwide collective effort is necessary to remedy this problem, and each of us can contribute to this effort. 

Changing Our Bad Habits

The proper disposal of garbage is a programmable action, and as such, it can be learned and can become a habit. The learning of this habit is definitely imperative nowadays! Why? Because the environment is already reeling from the negative impacts of improper garbage disposal.

But some immature people sometimes need to be coerced into developing this habit by imposing strict penalties and fines every time they violate the guidelines on proper garbage disposal. If they couldn’t be convinced by persuasion, they would surely be forced to adopt this habit by coercion.

Hence, if you want to reverse the negative impacts of improper garbage disposal on the environment, you need to practice proper garbage disposal at all cost. Here are some succinct tips on how to properly dispose of your garbage:

Sort Your Household Garbage into Specific Bins

Waste sorting should definitely start at the household level before it is collected by the garbage collection units. You can sort paper, cardboard, glass, textiles, plastics, wood, leather, rubber, scrap metal, compost, hazardous waste, and residual waste into separate bins for easy collection. The current trend in waste sorting is to separate the useful waste as much as possible and properly dispose of it in the most appropriate manner. This implies minimizing the amount of waste materials sent to the landfill.

Every government has its own guidelines on how to sort household garbage. For example, if you live in Perth, you are definitely required to sort your household garbage into distinct elements. There are also companies in Perth that provide skip bins for hire. Commercial Bin Hire Perth companies also would collect those bins and properly dispose of your sorted garbage at the same time. Or you could also consider mobile skips to store large volumes of garbage. 

Give Items to Second-hand Stores or Charity

As you sort your garbage, you will surely find things that you can sell to second-hand stores. You will also find things that you can donate to charity. Instead of throwing all these things to the garbage bins, you can simply give them away to charity or sell them.

Turn Your Organic Garbage into Compost   

Garbage that are organic should be turned into compost. Within your household premises, you can allot a space where you can collect and compost organic garbage to make organic fertilizer. If you are truly desirous of helping the environment, you can do your own research on how you can turn organic garbage into compost.

Separate the Recyclable Materials

Segregate the recyclables including paper, plastics, and glass. Sorting these materials separately can help reduce the pressure on the environment and is definitely eco-friendly. Lastly, you can bring these recyclable materials to the recycling center or ask the recycling center to pick them up from your home.

Your micro-level effort in properly disposing of your garbage may appear to you to have limited impact on the environment. But if this kind of effort is duplicated in every household around the world, its collective impact would surely be huge for the environment.