Even though commercial and residential roofing share many similarities, such as protecting the objects and people underneath them, there are big differences between the two. How they were constructed, and how they have been maintained, are both significant factors that contribute towards how they should be fixed. 

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Residential roofs usually have steep slopes. They are typically constructed using slate, asphalt, or cedar shingles. There are also homeowners who have chosen for their homes to be constructed with tiles or metal shingles. 

Commercial roofs, as well as institutional and industrial ones, are constructed to have flat roofs. The point of this is so they can double up as an extra space for gardens, elevator shaft engines, solar panels, and even helipads. They tend to be built much larger than domestic and residential roofs. They have to be extremely strong and durable because of the equipment that is placed on top of them.

The materials used to erect a commercial roof are more expensive, mainly because of their large footage. Specialist equipment is also needed when commercial roofs are being installed or maintained. This requires the use of expensive tools to do a proper job. 

It is no time to hire an unknown roofer when your commercial rooftop needs to be professionally repaired. 


Both commercial and residential roofs require occasional attention. However, some different tasks are needed for each one. Both buildings need to have the debris cleared from their gutters and downspouts. Doing this will ensure that blockages and ice dams can’t form—all water must have a clear path away from the building itself. 

The owners of commercial buildings have the advantage of being able to walk on the roof to check if there are any potential issues. It is recommended that the homeowner conducts any inspections from the ground, as they will have to use ladders to be able to see on top of their roof. A professional roofing business will have all the specialist services, such extension ladders and highly qualified workers, which enable them to do the required maintenance in the best and safest way. 

Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Homeowners are in command of when they need to call a roofing repair professional. If they want to maintain their home’s resale value, it is important they preserve the roof in good condition. Commercial roofs are required to do regular preventative maintenance and inspection. 

It is not only the roofing contractor that makes visits to the top of commercial buildings. Many other services use the roof to service and maintain the equipment that is housed up there. As the roof is not any of their concern, it is often found that other workers can sometimes damage the roof when fixing things. The commercial building owner must constantly check that any collateral damage to the roof is fixed as soon as possible.