If you’re looking for some kitchen inspirations, you may want to want to watch The Intern and Mr. And Mrs. Smith. These films have gorgeous dining spaces that don’t necessarily scream elegance per se but put out a calming kind of cohesiveness and chromatic singularity. Tidy kitchens are a joy to be around for several reasons, but mostly because neat-looking eating corners extend positive energy. 

If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen aesthetic, this write-up explores the many affordable DIY projects you can undertake. Read on and enjoy!

Paint the walls and cabinets

When homeowners think of redoing the kitchen, they’re quick to think only of expensive appliances, shiny new countertops, and floor tile upgrades. Naturally, all those cost an arm and a leg. If you’re a little cash-strapped at the moment, painting your cabinets and walls is more than sufficient if all you’re after is revamping your atmosphere.

Doing so isn’t a difficult task, too. What’s great about kitchen cabinets and walls sharing only one color is that they tie everything together. They give off a unified look and make your space visually more appealing. The best part is that projects like these can be completed within a day. Choose a shade that provides the ambiance you’re looking for and don’t be afraid to try out tones that contrast or complement your existing furniture. For added oomph to your final output, upgrade your cabinet knobs, as well. These are fairly cheap and come in a selection of designs you can checkout online or at your local hardware store.

Upgrade your faucet

This may only sound like one tiny bit of your kitchen as a whole, but remember that it’s something you use multiple times a day. Replacing your faucet is a straightforward activity that leaves an immediate and impressionable bearing. Whether high-arched or single-hand faucets, you’re sure to find a variety you can choose from. How much these costs can vary on your preference, too. Stick to your budget and find a faucet that’s both functional and sleek. While it’s true that the primary (and only) role of a faucet is to, well, let out water, it helps if it’s a pleasant-looking fixture, as well.

Put up a wall shelf with plants

They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their kitchen—so make it worth people’s while! Adding a wall shelf extends your area in ways a regular floor shelf won’t be able to do. Because these shelves are attached only to kitchen corners and ends, putting up plants help your kitchen become scenic and alive without compromising your workspace. 

If you intend to give it a more unconventional twist, use wooden slats that don’t have the same size and experiment with the colors they come in. If not, feel free to paint them; you can either use paint that’s lighter or darker than your kitchen walls. This deepens your focal perspective and organically makes your walls more extensive than they actually are.

If you can’t keep up with actual plants, faux plants do the trick; although nothing beats the freshness and the avidity real ones bring. If you’re new to plant parenthood, start with succulents first. They’re one of the easiest plants to maintain and don’t demand a lot of watering and sunlight exposure. 

Reduce the noisy sound of your dishwasher 

This is one of the most ignored variables when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Often, people just think of replacing the dishwasher straight away. But know that this is a costly thing to do and you can’t keep buying this appliance every time the buzzing sounds become more noticeable. 

Many dishwashers have pre-packaged insulation, but not everyone has a firm grasp of what it’s for. Sometimes, people think it’s only part of the packaging when it’s really not. Dishwasher insulation blankets deliver sound reduction, protection from water, heat, and steam. 

Rearrange your dining set-up

Unless you pay someone to do it for you, this DIY costs no money at all. Your kitchen may feel clamped and unorganized from time to time, but rearranging your dining set-up is a clever method to free some space. Perhaps pushing your table against a wall affords you a vaster work area and a larger walkway. 

If you have massive kitchen shelves, it could be time to move them to another corner or utilize them differently somewhere else in the house. The usual problem people have with kitchens is that they’re typically congested and cramped. Make sure you only have the appliances and furniture you need. If you have more than enough, consider selling them away or handing them over to donation centers. 

Ideally, kitchens are supposed to be spacious and airy and the only reason why they’re not is because of the number of things you have laying around. 

Use adhesive backsplash 

The word backsplash is often accompanied with wide eyes and an occasional scratching of the head. While this project can fall anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a little over a thousand, of course, given the context of what your kitchen measurements are, backsplashes are generally costly and require a lot of planning.

But adhesive backsplashes have changed the game. Similar to tiles, all you’ll need to do is peel off a sticker and attach them to your kitchen walls. They’re much easier to use, don’t leave impactful wall marks, are way cheaper than tiles, and provide the same drastic kind of effect. 

Because of how easy they are to put up, you’re also enabled more freedom to switch them up whenever you want. As with every other interior design rule, just make sure the adhesive backsplash you choose augments your kitchen’s overall look. 

All in all, many things can be done to improve the look and feel of your kitchen, and upgrading your appliances doesn’t always have to be the first thing you look at when looking to elevate your kitchen game. Master the art of furniture positioning and figure out how other paint colors can improve your dining area. You’d be surprised at what extent of change you can achieve without having to spend so much.