Many people tend to dwell more on coordinating the other internal decor, without paying attention to the walls of the most useful room. Yes, we are talking about the bathroom. The visual design of the bathroom area is as important as the rest of our home. 

Thanks to the thousand styles that we have available today.  Whether your personal taste focuses on a modern line or towards a classic and natural design - the answers are numerous. So,  let's go to see which are the most trendy solutions to cover your bathroom with elegance and style.


One of the most classic and used coverings, tiles not only offer the simplicity of easy cleaning but also a wide range of choice between material and color. Like in material,  we have ceramic, vinyl, wood,  and stone.

Apart from these, one of the most popular materials of recent times is glass. Glass tiles are ideal for satisfying different designs. The glass bath tiles are ideal for giving the environment an always shiny and clean appearance, being very resistant to dirt. They can be cleaned daily without demanding the use of chemicals. 

Plus, different shades of colors offer a high level of personalization to opt for vintage or new trendy styles. For example, it is good to opt for blue or green, to give a timeless sensation of calm. The choice of white and dove grey is also very beautiful, colors that are back in trend now. 

Natural or Artificial Wood

For those who cannot help being surrounded by natural elements, the ideal solution can only be to cover their bathroom with wood. Whether natural or artificial, wood gives the room an enveloping warmth that feels like home. Thanks to the material's warm color tone - you can play with a great choice of shades and types, which aim to amaze your guests.

It can be used for walls and false ceilings, to cover the sink, to give a rustic touch to the shower area. However, there is one drawback of opting for this material: our pockets. Being one of the most used materials the costs of processing wood have doubled in the last five years. 

Despite this small economic disadvantage, wooden cladding can become the perfect style revolution for many living spaces, giving them elegance and modernity. Obviously the best is hardwoods, more resistant and therefore more practical. 

Natural Stone

Ah, the wonder of natural stone - Fascinating,  Wonderful, Timeless. It is the perfect coating for the bathroom, both for its waterproofing and for the effect it gives to the environment. Although undoubtedly expensive, choosing this type of coating brings nothing but long-term advantages.

Natural stones create an effect of commendable strength and expression, enriched by a thousand shades, protrusions, and recesses. The materiality determines the visual aspect of the wall, where every imperfection and grain goes to enrich the concept of modern style.


Marble characterizes a luxurious and important environment. If you choose to cover your bathroom with this material you will create a room with the highest possible elegance, able to amaze even the most difficult guests.

Each marble tile is unique with its different colored veins. Thus, creating a wonderful unique coating that will catch everyone's attention. This solid and ancient material will give you a bathroom with superlative aesthetic characteristics.


The choice of the mosaic as the bathroom covering is one of the most common and stylistic appeal solutions. Mosaic has an ancient and valuable history behind it. If you choose to use the mosaic to cover your environment you decide to use a refined, elegant, timeless art. In spite of what it might seem, mosaic tiles have excellent characteristics, not just visual ones. This contemporary and versatile choice of wall tiles offers a thousand different ways to personalize your environment.
That’s it. Stay tuned for more posts on home decor.