There’s no denying that all of us are stressed nowadays, especially with our hectic schedules and a lot on our plates every single day.  Many of us find different ways to relax, but for some of us, there is indeed nothing more relaxing than a hot bath at the end of a long, exhausting, and busy week. If your bathroom doesn’t have a bath – or if your existing bath could do with a replacement – then perhaps it’s a good time to invest in a bathtub – not just for your own sanity, but for the sanity of everyone else in your household. But what can a bathtub really do for you, other than help you relax? Here are the top reasons why every bathroom needs a bathtub today.

It can change your bathroom’s entire look

Baths are a quintessential bathroom element and for good reason. By adding a bathtub to your bathroom, you can transform the space and make it more aesthetically appealing, even if you go for the simplest corner bath or alcove bath. Today, there are plenty more bathtub styles to choose from, including contemporary slipper baths and clawfoot baths with a modern twist. If you want something that can attract the eye and serve as a focal point, you would do well with a freestanding bath placed in the centre of your bathroom, which can instantly change the feel of the space and make your bathroom look bigger. You can also go for a clawfoot bath, and this goes especially well with traditional-themed bathrooms for that classic, elegant, timeless appeal.

It can increase the value of your property 

Aside from transforming the way your bathroom looks and feels, a bath can increase the value of your property. If you ever decide to sell your house in the future, having a bath in one of the bathrooms can significantly increase its sale price, since many homebuyers find a bath a beneficial element. For instance, if a home buyer has young children, a bathtub is an attractive addition because it makes it easier for them to give their children a bath. Real estate companies consider freestanding baths especially lucrative and include them in the list of assets of any property.

It can provide you with a lot of health benefits 

Of course, spending time in a bath is not just great for your mental health – it can enhance your physical health as well. Hydrotherapy or water therapy has been known for its beneficial properties for centuries, and the use of both cold and hot water can instantly rejuvenate the body. For instance, did you know that when you bathe, you can potentially improve your heart's health? This is because hot water can make your heart beat faster and contribute to better circulation. The blood inside the body can become less viscous, and this allows your blood vessels to work more efficiently. 

Another health benefit of a bath is as a mood-booster, and those who love taking baths can definitely attest to this. When you spend time in a bath, especially at the end of the day, you can improve your mood and even feel more optimistic and happier. This fact is attributed to a wonderful combination of warmth, comfort, positioning, and isolation, which all of us can certainly benefit from once in a while. 

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