We understand the importance of maintaining an amiable bedroom environment when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Nobody likes to live in a dirty house filled with unnecessary items except for bed bugs- they absolutely love it! Bites from bed bugs are not only bad for your skin but they can even lead to other complications like insomnia and anxiety. We have therefore compiled a list of easy and affordable ways in which you can create the most clean and pleasing bedroom environment for yourself while simultaneously eliminating any bed bug infestation.

#1 Please your senses with your home décor

To make sure that your home inspires absolute comfort and aesthetical pleasure, the foremost thing you should be doing is taking care of the aspects related to your senses. Select lighter colors for your rooms as they provide a calm effect to your eyes and keep the room cooler. You must also take care of the texture and softness of your rugs, curtains, mattresses, cushions, etc., as they are excellent noise absorbers and provide an equally comfortable feel to your skin. Make sure that your room is equipped with layered lighting which is bright enough to highlight the overall beauty of the room and can be dimmed in the night before bedtime. Feel free to place a scented candle or an essential oil diffuser which not only makes the room smell good but also appear visually appealing. 

#2 Pick your accessories wisely

Accessories like art pieces, furniture, mirrors, tapestries, etc., are important parts of your room setting. However, it is important that you prevent yourself from burdening your room with unnecessary items as this consumes a lot of space and makes it difficult to maintain cleanliness in the room. Large curtains and pieces of art when placed strategically in less numbers can make your room appear larger and less cramped up. Learn how to place your bed in a small room so that your room looks more spacious than it actually is. Lighter drapes, decorative lights and mirrors are all excellent agents of maintaining the perfect lighting in your room. Follow this list of simple and affordable ways to give your room a modern and cool look.

#3 Perform regular vacuuming and sweeping

Even a well decorated room can look lousy and unappealing if there is a layer of dust piling up at different areas of your room. Be sure to regularly vacuum or sweep the various surfaces of your room such as floors, carpets, furniture and any other such place where dust may get collected over time. Take extra caution to clean the areas which are hard to reach and often go unnoticed such as under the bed and furniture. This is also an efficient way of removing any bug infestation but make sure that you dispose off the container after sealing it properly so that the bugs do not spread further.

#4 Declutter your room

A crucial part of maintaining the cleanliness of your room is to know the items that you need to let go. Items such as dirty or unorganized clothes, dirty dishes, electronics, heaps of unwanted papers and any other trash must promptly be removed from your room. Take care to not introduce these items in your bedroom in the first place as failing to clearly demarcate your workspace and area around your bed can make it harder for you to fall asleep. You can additionally follow this handy list of simple tips that help sleep better at night.

#5 Refashion the bed area

Your bed is generally the single largest piece of furniture in your bedroom where you spend at least a third of your day’s span. It is therefore crucial that you remake your bed from time to time so that you can maintain its cleanliness and keep a check on bed bug infestation. Segregate all your sheets, pillow casings and quilts and wash them thoroughly in the hottest available setting in your washing machine so that any traces of bugs or their eggs are thoroughly removed. Clean all the bedside furniture, sideboards, electrical outlets and wall hangings placed close to the bed as these may often be harboring bed bugs in them.

#6 Invest in a good mattress encasement 

Your sleep is precious and you wouldn’t want a tiny insect to ruin it for you. Therefore, you should definitely opt to use a better mattress encasement as they can not only prevent your mattress against infestation from bed bugs and fleas but also keep them dust and allergen free. Select an encasement that is soft, comfortable, waterproof and breathable. 


Even though bed bugs often make their way into some of the cleaner households, the chances of them doing so increases drastically in a cluttered-up household. Do not hesitate at any point to call in a professional whether it is related to managing your house décor or combatting the menace of bug infestation.