Lighting not only helps us to see things but it also plays a massive role in our emotional well-being, and most of us are unaware of that fact. A perfectly balanced home LED lighting can make you feel mentally and physically energized, ready to take on the day. 

Hence, the need of the hour is a home with proper LED lights. 

Lighting doesn’t only mean a few bulbs that can light up your room. To keep yourself psychologically fit, you need to take a note of the following factors:

Proper Lighting

In the current generation, more people are staying in and waking up late, and cannot get enough natural light. LED lights can mimic natural light, and are better than other lights that cannot provide balanced lighting and often result in headaches. 

CFL lights may have balanced lighting but adversely affect the circadian rhythm due to their colour temperature. LED lights can help you maintain the circadian rhythm and sleep peacefully.

Crompton’s LED panel lights can provide efficient, smooth light distribution for your home. Moreover, these LED panels also have a trendy look and can be used as ceiling lights or wall lights. 


When you are working on something important, studying or taking a look at your finances, you need to have an excellent concentration in order to complete your work successfully. You will require bright warm lighting so that you can stay focused and not stray away from your work. Due to the monotonous nature of a book, you need even more concentrated LED light.

Moreover, if you have low lighting, you may strain your eyes which will cause them to hurt. You might also doze off midway between your calculations and have to start all over again. To avoid this, you can use LED table lamps that focus the light on your reading surface for best viewing. The higher the luminosity of light, the easier it is for you to read. 

For example, you may use Crompton’s Mellow Digital Calendar table lamp that offers 360-degree rotation to focus the light properly. It also provides easy touch control to adjust the colour temperature from cooler light to a warmer bright light.


If you have just come from work and are already stressed, you need something that helps to set a better mood. At this time, you do not require too much focus and concentration. 

To set the stage for fun and excitement, you can make use of ceiling lights as well as wall lights with lower intensity of lighting that help you to stay relaxed. You can try LED strip lights, as they do not produce any harmful radiation and also follow safety standards by containing no mercury.


The big problem that currently haunts this generation is germs. They are highly contagious and can be a source of many diseases. Today, you can find germ and bacteria killing LED lights that are perfect for sanitization purposes. 

The Anti-bac LED lights kill almost 85 per cent of the germs so that you can breathe in peace. Moreover, these bulbs are also energy-saving and do not emit radiation which is harmful to humans. 

Backup LED Lights

It can get a bit frightful without lighting if you are afraid of the dark. To make sure that it does not happen, you can use backup lights that ensure that you remain connected to lighting even after the power cut.

LED lights with back up can illuminate your space for four hours, even after a power cut. So, you no longer need to let that phobia haunt you anymore. 

Energy Savings

The fear of electricity bills is probably even more dangerous than the phobia of the dark. It is common to feel stressed out after looking at the high electricity bills.

It can lead you to stay awake through the night, affecting your health in the process. If you have hypertension, the condition can get even more severe. To avoid this, you can use LED lights for home since they are highly energy-efficient, saving money that you would otherwise pay on bills.