They’re not just for Farmhouse chic anymore, but instead fit into a myriad of styles and retain their quality over time. 

If this season's decorating trends have taught us anything, it’s that a mishmash of styles, aesthetics, and key pieces are absolutely the way forward to creating the ultimate homely space. Regardless of whether you’ve got that touch of glam, or enjoy the more stark appearance of an industrial minded setting- a farmhouse table will certainly fit the need and your room. 

Whether you find something handmade near home, like the UK’s own Farmhouse Table Company in Cornwall, or are looking a bit farther afield- you’re sure to find the perfect piece that will anchor and complete your dining area. These tables do heavy lifting when it comes to entertaining. Whether that’s friends and family, or just your kids. Spacious table tops allow for a cohesive and comfortable arena to eat, chat, and play. All while adding to the overall look of your space. 

Farmhouse Tables Are Easy to Style 

With their generous surface area, farmhouse tables are ideal for a dining room, but they can also be easily zoned into smaller spaces. Place settings can be swapped for a simple centerpiece if your room demands a tailored down design. Even though these types of tables are large and ideal for family style meals, their design isn’t necessarily heavy- easily providing a touch of negative space that overcrowded rooms desperately need. 

They Last Forever

Farmhouse tables really do stand the test of time. Especially those that are hand built. Big box store tables are rarely solid wood, meaning that they’re unlikely to become the next family tradition, passed down through generations. These timeless designs never go out of style and are easy to reintegrate into most decor schemes. They can grow with your family, offering not just a place to eat, but to spend time at. Playing games or entertaining friends is simple when you’ve got the perfect place to perch. 

Farmhouse Tables Can Be Expandable 

Some farmhouse tables are expandable, using an extra leaf when you’ve got a few extra at your table. These types are ideal for smaller households, as the tables themselves can easily be pared down to make space in a busy household. When not in use, tables can be placed elegantly in a corner, giving more moving room while also creating new surfaces to support whatever it is your family uses most often. Even if it’s just a simple vase filled with vibrant flowers to brighten up the room. 

They Don’t Have to Be Enormous 

Even if you’re not ready to spring for an expandable piece, these timeless beauties come in a large assortment of sizes and shapes, making it super simple to integrate into your room. Round farmhouse tables are perfect for studio flats or houses with lower foot traffic space, snuggling beautifully into corners and easily transitioning between the utility of a kitchen and the comfort of a living area. Regardless of size, farmhouse tables make a solid statement about your decor, with sturdy bases that are hand turned and elegant, or modern and clean. It doesn’t matter which style you pick, or which size fits, any one of these tables will provide a functional asset to your decor. 

They’re Expensive, But Worth It 

Brass tacks- farmhouse tables are not cheap, with many of the lower levels of cost still hovering near a thousand pounds. But the quality you are paying for is the longevity you get, as many of these pieces are considered an investment. Considering what a person may pay over time, replacing cheaper pieces that weren’t quite durable enough, or fad styles that just no longer fit the look you’re aiming for, farmhouse tables often cost far less in the long run. Most handcrafted tables can easily be refinished or repainted, so that they always look incredible in your space. 

They Fit In Any Aesthetic

With a huge array of colour choices, and a number of different bases to choose from, you really don’t have to compromise your style when considering your table. The thing that makes these types of dining tables exceptional is largely their high quality materials, coupled with excellent craftsmanship and burly presence. They are specifically designed to stand up to what your household can throw at them, while still remaining a visually appealing piece. And those qualities go well with any aesthetic.