Home maintenance is about active consistency. Over the years, it is just an inevitability that every property is going to go through motions but it is going to need a little bit of tender loving care to find its shine again. And over the years, homes attend to go through wear and tear and as a result there are often some processes that need to be taken in order to bring them back till the best life. There are so many different aspects of home maintenance and a lot of them can be taken care of without bringing in a professional so long as you are smart about how you approach the process.

When it comes to tasks like windows replacement, for instance, how does one best go about finally achieving successful DIY window replacement? Window replacement can seem quite overwhelming to an individual who has never had to do it before, however window replacement can be quite easy and you can often do it yourself. If you are comfortable and doing so, there is a great and simple way to approach window replacement on your own. Here are four steps to successful DIY window replacement. 

1. Research, research, research 

There is a lot to be said about how you should always start with researching the DIY project before you get started. you  should never approach DIY projects without having at least a basic idea of what you were doing and so this is why research is fundamentally instrumental to any DIY project, especially when we were going to be handling glass or open areas of your home such as your windows. So before anything else, start with research and make sure that you follow a DIY example that is going to be easy for you to understand and to execute.

2. Measure and purchase your materials

Of course, the next step is to measure the materials you are going to need to fit your windows exactly and then purchase them. This will sometimes mean that you are going to have to do multiple measurements and that you were going to have to go and speak to someone at a homeware store like Bunnings or below like to figure out the best material for the job you need and how you can best measure and cut that material. Often, they can do this for you, and if they can not then you should also cut your materials and nail and glue them together.

3. Add latches and other finishing touches

One of the most exciting parts of putting in your replacement window is adding your lashes and other finishing touches. This is easiest done before you place the window into the frame if possible simply for the fact that it means that once the window is in place all you have to do is snip the lock over to hold it into place, rather than trying to work around the rest of the window and potentially causing damage in the process. 

4. Place the window in and seal it properly

After you have glued all of your pieces together and triple checked your measurements, if you need to add paint then do so. If you do not then carefully place the window into the area and then glue and nail into place. Then, begin to seal it. This will be done with caulk, expanding foam, or silicone (be wary of silicone as it can be cut away or pulled away over time). Ensure that your window is properly sealed because if you do not then you risk it coming off the frame or being battered and damaged sooner rather than later.