Owning a home is not as easy as renting one. You will have to be ready to fix problems on your own if something breaks down. It will be your responsibility to keep your home clean and well-maintained. 

Your home warranty might cover the regular wear and tear of your systems and appliances. However, if a failure of any of these is due to lack of maintenance, the repair or replacement charges will have to be borne by you. 

While this is one reason for you to maintain your home, there are many you may not be aware of. Here is why most people stress on home maintenance:

Home Maintenance Helps You Save Money

You might ask how you can save money when you are spending so much of it on maintenance.  The answer is here – By maintaining your home, you are going to automatically take care of minor issues such as a clogged drain or a dirty filter before they turn into major problems. In the long run you will be saving a lot of money which you will otherwise end up spending on huge repairs.

Home Maintenance Helps You Run Your Home Efficiently

Home maintenance might seem like a mammoth task, considering the amount of time and efforts it takes. But this is all about up keeping your home’s working parts. It is the only way to keep your home’s working parts usable. 

For instance if you fail to clean the filter of your furnace regularly, your HVAC system will take longer to heat or cool the air in your home. As a result you will end up paying more on your gas or electricity bills. Your refrigerator will take longer to keep your food cool if the evaporative coils under your fridge are not clean.

Home Maintenance Enables You to Build Equity on Your Home

The condition of your home has a direct impact on the resale value of your home. Your home inspection report will reveal problems if any with the systems and appliance of your home, in case you haven’t maintained them well. As per the buyer’s request you will have to either repair or replace these or agree upon a discounted rate for your home. So you may not get your home’s actual worth if you have failed to perform regular home maintenance.

Of course, the more home improvement and maintenance projects you do out of your own pocket that increase your home's value, the more equity you end up having in the home. Take a look at our article that explains home equity here.

Maintaining the systems and appliances in your home will not only keep them running efficiently, it will also extend their life spans. Here are a few things you need to do, if you want to maintain your home in great condition:

Clear  your drains regularly
Monitor your utility bills every month and watch out for any huge changes
Take care of your roof issues to prevent leaks
Fill up cracks if any, in your drive way or patio
Replace your HVAC filters regularly
Clean out the coils under your refrigerator

Vacuuming your home every once in a while is necessary for its maintenance. You can look for some patio covers Los Angeles to minimize dust accumulation. Create and maintain a home maintenance calendar so that you don’t miss out on anything. Take care of minor issues without wasting time.