An outdoor space is a boon  for any home, but only if you accessorize and furnish it right. Most homeowners have little or no knowledge about the type of furniture that's most suited to outdoor areas. That leaves them scurrying around to bring their furniture indoors as soon as the weather gets rough. 

Invest in All-Weather outdoor furniture that increases the aesthetic appeal of your home while at the same time ensures comfort and convenience. Wicker furniture made of natural elements is the safest option for outdoor spaces. Let's understand what makes wicker a reliable choice for furniture and why your patio must have a wicker lounge as the ideal outdoor furniture in Adelaide


Wicker is your best bet for affordable and durable furniture. It's strong interwoven construction gives it a sturdy build that will last you for years. Wicker furniture also does not lose its shine very easily. All it needs is some lacquer every year and it is as good as new. Wicker furniture is structured around an aluminium frame that lends to its sturdiness and durability. Rust-proof to endure any weather beating, the aluminium frame forms the core of wicker furniture to make it a timeless piece in your outdoor space. 


Wicker furniture owners enjoy little to no maintenance for their outdoor furniture.  Due to its natural tendency, wicker furniture does not attract bugs, mold or wraps like traditional wooden furniture. All it needs is a wipe down every now and then to prevent dust from settling it its weaves. You can even run a garden hose on it to wash off collected dust. 

While wicker is an excellent option for outdoor furniture as it can withstand exposure to moisture and winds, a steady stream of harsh sunlight can strip it off its sheen. Although it may be UV-protected, over time sun exposure can dip the original look of wicker. Negate this risk of direct sunlight with a large outdoor umbrella when its peak summer. Further, A coat of lacquer on a yearly basis ensures its sheen is intact. Beyond these simple maintenance hacks, your wicker furniture won't demand any more from you. It certainly is a far cry from other furniture options that you have to run out to rescue in the event of an odd rain.


Wicker furniture is  aesthetically appealing and creates a warm & cosy aura in any indoor or outdoor space. Its designs are fairly uncomplicated in nature and hence are the perfect furniture options to climb onto for an informal setting. Whether it is a patio, backyard, balcony or even a porch, wicker furniture can be used in any or all of these areas to increase its appeal. 

Its neutral tone and design lets you play up your outdoor space with other interesting accents and accessories. You can add a ladder shelf and place some potted plants along your wicker lounge to beautify your backyard and give yourself the serenity of flora. Or, simply just place a bird feeder near your wicker swing to make yourself a humble nature’s abode. Due to its natural elements, wicker furniture does not attract any insects or termites as is the case with wood. It also doesn’t wear out easily with moisture, droppings or animal exposure, making it your best bet for outdoor rugged seating.


When you invest in furniture, you don't want to spend a fortune just to give it a seasonal tweak. Wicker furniture is made with interwoven Rattan, weed or any natural plantation. Giving this structure a face-lift is most easy. While the skeleton of your furniture can be retained, all you need to do to transform its look by changing the cushions, drapes, or just throwing in some accessories. Wicker furniture can also be easily painted to transform its look altogether and give your outdoor area a refreshing splash of colour. Wondering how? Wicker furniture is so versatile and malleable, that you can even undertake the painting yourself as an easy DIY wicker furniture painting exercise

The best way to transform the look of your backyard is by accessorizing evergreen wicker furniture. It is this versatility of wicker furniture that makes it a household favourite. 

Organic Material

Most homeowners actually do not know this, but wicker furniture is one of the most eco-friendly options to furnish your home with. Wicker is not a material in itself, but rather a way of interweaving natural fibres to create sturdy structures. These fibres include Rattan, weed and bamboo among others. 

Hence it involves the use of absolutely natural elements around an aluminium frame.  For those who are particular about not using leather or other animal derived products that harm the environment, wicker is a suitable furnishing option for them. It is almost like borrowing an element of nature and blending it right into your home decor. 


If you are a cost-conscious buyer, wicker is an option that definitely makes the cut on your tight budget. In comparison to other outdoor furniture options, wicker is an affordable choice that's also durable, sturdy and versatile. It's a great add-on to a rented home you may be occupying for a limited time and hence don't want to splurge on. For your dream home, it is one furnishing option that won't pinch your pocket. For the number of years this evergreen furniture will serve your home, it sure is worth every penny you spend on it!


Wicker furniture is light-weight when compared to traditional wooden furniture. So if you're backyard layout changes fairly often to accommodate some activities or people, wicker is a suitable furnishing option. It can be moved around with little or no strain to create flexible layouts and floor plans. What's more, wicker furniture also doesn't damage wooden or marble flooring when moved. So those scratches your heavy veneer table leaves on your floor won't surface at all if you switch to wicker! Invest in wicker furniture if you're someone who keeps the floor plan fluid.