Blinds offer a fantastic way to control light and maintain privacy in your home. Also, blinds exude a clean and contemporary look in any home. Blinds are easy to it, easy to care, and can be used as standalone, or to complement curtains. You'll be glad to know that blinds are available in an array of colors, styles, designs, and sizes for your perfect home. So, whether you are moving into a new home, or just want to spruce the existing aesthetics of your home, blinds are the perfect way to go.

Below, we've detailed all you need to know about selecting the right blinds for your home. From finding the perfect style, picking the right material to handy measuring tips-all you need to make the most from your blinds.

1. Blind Type

Blinds are incredibly versatile and are available in a myriad of styles such as;

Venetian blinds

Consisting of horizontal slats, which can be raised, lowered, or most importantly tilted to give control over the amount of light coming into your room, Venetian blinds are available in a gamut of sizes with slats of different widths. Most of the Venetian blinds are made of wood or aluminum and are easy to maintain.Roller blinds

Stylish and space saving, roller blinds are pragmatic, durable and great value for money. Roller blinds can be fully open, closed or partially extended, and are constructed from robust and long-lasting specially-treated fabrics, which are easy to wipe down and keep clean. With an array of performance features such as blackout, anti-mildew, and moisture resistant, roller blinds from are extremely versatile to fit kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces.

Roman blinds

Available in a range of sumptuous soft fabrics, which hangs in a neat vertical fold when open, and hangs flat when fully extended, roman blinds are a superb way to make a statement at your home. Roman blinds are operated by a cord mechanism to dowel rods sewn into the lining and are perfect for achieving a sophisticated and contemporary look.

Vertical blinds

As the name suggests, vertical blinds consist of vertical slats, which can be twisted through rods on either side of the blinds for complete control over the light in your room. The vertical slats of stiffened vertical stripes fabric can either be angled or fully pulled back to allow the desired amount in your room.

2. Lining and coating

While the style, or rather the type of blind is aesthetic-inclined, the performance of the blind is determined by the type of material used to create the blind, and the kind of treatment it has undergone to make it ideal for particular needs.

Blackout blinds

Do you wish to combine attractive window dressing with the ability to block the interference of natural light completely? Blackout roller blinds are the ideal option. Room darkening shades stop short of total light blockage but offer an abundance of styles and light-control options. The blinds are handy in bedrooms where blocking of light is important.

Thermal blinds

Thermal blinds are made to measure energy-saving blinds. The soft and cozy blinds minimize draught, provide full privacy, keep your home insulated all year round and drastically reduce your energy bills.

Daylight blinds

Daylight blinds strike a perfect balance between privacy and lighting the home. Featuring a semi-transparent soft finish, the daylight blinds soften the effect of direct sunlight, while keeping your home safe from prying eyes.

Sheer blinds

Sheer blinds are customized roller blinds and are ideal for windows where privacy is not a major concern. The open and close effect of the sheer blinds offers a great view-through while reducing glare.

Ready-made vs. custom made

The choice of a custom made or ready-made blind will depend on a variety of factors. When making this decision, you need to consider a variety of factor.

Custom made blinds are ideal when;
Your windows have unusual shape or size
You want a unique look or style
Have enough budget for bespoke blind solutions

While ready-made options are available in an array of size, there's a limit to the dimension available. Yes, you might shorten the width or length of the readymade blind, but you won't have the polished and tailored look of a custom made blind.

Blinds provide simple window treatments to block out light and add style. With so many types and styles of blinds in the market today serving different uses, you can now find a blind that will perfectly address your window needs.