The water you drink might appear clean, but is it safe? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a 3-year study on tap water in 45 states in America. Results from the study revealed the presence of 202 unregulated chemicals in the water

The Safe Drinking Water Act was put in place to protect people from taking in contaminated water. However, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) published a report indicating that 77 million people in the United States receive drinking water from systems that violates the Act. These findings show that you cannot wholly trust the water that comes out of your tap. 
Tap water contains different types of contaminants, such as chemicals, excessive chlorine, harmful bacteria, and dissolved metals, among others. That is why you need to get a filtration system to remove these unwanted and unhealthy substances from the water. One way of doing that is by getting a whole-house water filter. This type of filter is different from the rest because it ensures that it purifies the main water supply before the water is distributed to different areas of the house. There are a variety of whole house water filters to choose from if you visit online websites, for example, Ref:
Below are some benefits you can gain from installing this system in your home. 
1.      It is convenient
Having a whole house filtration system is suitable. Instead of filtering the water in your kitchen, bathroom, or backyard separately, you install the system in one central point, and it removes contaminants from all the water in your house. Also, this system requires minimal maintenance, which means you will replace some of the filters periodically. Sediment pre-filter can be replaced between 3 to 6 months, and after every 9 to 12 months, you change the sub-micron post filter. Replacing the filters will ensure you don’t have debris stopping the flow of water and this will help the system to continue operating well. The good news is that you don’t have to change all the filters. Once you install the filtration system, you can relax and wait to replace the mentioned filters after some time. 
2.      It’s good for your health
The main reason for installing a water filter system in your home is to enjoy clean, healthy water. The whole house system enables you to achieve this because it removes contaminants from every single drop of water that comes into your home. The assurance that the water you use is safe will give you peace of mind. In addition, you will enjoy benefits such as cleaner air. You will also notice that your hair and skin will be well moisturized. What’s more? You will even enjoy drinking water more because it will taste better after the removal of excess chlorine and pollutants. 
3.      It is cost-efficient
What happens if you choose other filtration systems is that you’ll need to install them in each water outlet you have. This can be expensive, especially given that you will need to carry out more maintenance for all of them. When you go for the whole house filter, you only need to install one system which doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Using this system can save you money. 
4.      Extends the life of your plumbing system

Chemicals and minerals present in water can build up over time and damage the plumbing system consisting of faucets, dishwashers, pipes, washing machines, and water dispensers, among others. When the pipes receive filtered water, they are less likely to get damaged. Therefore, by installing this water system, you can spend less money on repairing plumbing appliances. 

5.      You’ll use less soap
One of the changes you’ll notice after getting an entire house water filtration system is that you’ll use less detergent. This is because the system softens the water, and this makes soap to be easily absorbed. Therefore, you won’t require much of it when washing dishes or bathing, and your expenses will go down. 
6.      It is safe for the environment

The materials used to create the water filtration system are durable. You will need to replace some of its components, such as some filters, after different periods, as mentioned above. The tank itself can last ten years, and so you can get another one after this period. The results are less waste going into landfills. Research shows that 38 million plastic bottles are found in landfills every single year, and this is only in the United States. It also takes a long time (450 years or more) for these bottles to decompose. When you compare the two options, you’ll realize that installing a water filtration system for the entire house is safe for the environment.
Final Thoughts

No one wants to drink or use contaminated water because of the health risks involved. Therefore, there is a need to filter the water that comes into our houses. If you are thinking of choosing a whole house water filtration system, you know the benefits associated with it. This will help you to make an informed decision. Clean water equals a healthier life.