To move large pellets and products are you using the proper equipment in your facility? The perfect equipment makes all the difference to productivity and safety in a warehouse. To improve productivity and protect your employees from potential injuries, pallet jacks are only the solution. 

A Pallet Jack additionally called a "pallet truck", a basic type of forklift usually used and best suited to a warehouse atmosphere, for the moving of pallets and palletized loads. For further details visit It's a tool that is used for lifting and moving pallets within a warehouse. For various industries and applications, different types of pallet jacks are available that all have different benefits and applications for different uses.

Manual Pallet Jack
A manual pallet jack usually has a load capacity of 5500 lbs and is the simplest and cheapest type. It is worked by the operator by positioning the two forks under the pallet to be moved, raising it off the floor through the jack. One of the advantages of the manual pallet jack is that it can easily fit in the back of a van because of its lightweight and small size. A manual pallet jack is good in tiny areas wherein the elevated height isn't essential, like in grocery aisles or at the back of room warehouses.

Walkie Pallet Jack 
A walkie pallet jack, also known as the electric walkie behind, is twice the size of a manual pallet jack and is powered by an on-board battery pack or industrial battery. Walkie pallet jack usually has a lifting capacity from 4500-6000 lbs. The benefits of using an electrical walkie behind are its electrical assist for driving and lifting. In addition to this, it is also beneficial for the operator since a press of a button to lift and lower the loads and there's no need to pull the load and machine, not to manually pump to elevate up the load. Beverage, general warehouse, freezer, food storage, and retail are industries for this type of pallet jack.

A Center Rider
A center rider jack permits the operator to fully face forwards or backward rather than just sideways. Since the pallet jack is protected by machine chassis on two sides the operator has less likelihood of injury. It is better to use in applications wherein the operator stays in a straight line most of the time.

Weighing Scale Pallet Jack
It is a unique pallet jack as it displays the weight of the load being moved. It is especially useful for loading bays and factory floors. Additionally, a printer can be attached to the pallet jack to print weight and other specifications.

Rider Pallet Jack
This type of pallet jack is similar to an electric walkie behind but this has an additional riding platform. The rider pallet jack has the advantage that the operator may already step onto the riding platform rather than simply walking behind or beside it. To make it easy for the operator to work with it, the rider pallet jack has only a few controls. As compared to manual pallet jacks and walkie pallet jacks, rider pallet jacks are also the better choice for moving loads over longer distances.