Arguably, choosing articles for a baby girl's closet is harder than the contrary. What makes it difficult is that girls have so many options as opposed to buying pants and t-shirts for boys. Regardless, below are some must-haves for a baby girl's wardrobe;


Bodysuits are a must-have item in a baby girl's closet. The bodysuits can be paired with a wide range of pieces, including pants and shorts. A good pair of boy suit should have opening mechanisms like a button or clasp at the bottom. The opening mechanism makes it easy when it comes to activities like changing the diapers. It would be wise if you had different colours and styles of bodysuits for your baby girl. You do not have to stick to the conventional pink. You can always choose a wide range of colours, including blue.

Girls pyjamas

Pyjamas are must-have clothing items for all babies, whether boys or girls. For girls pyjamas, consider different types like sleepsuits and onesies. Sleepsuits are one-pieces that usually have a 2-way zipper to allow for comfortable wearing and removal. Pyjamas should be very comfortable and safe. Steer away from girls' pyjamas that are made from harmful materials or those that have items like loose strings and buttons that could harm your child. Also, consider a soft and stretchy material because then your baby girl can move and turn comfortably in pieces. 


Every baby girl needs a pair of shorts that they can wear in the house and while playing. The shorts can be paired with a vest or t-shirt when hanging out on a hot day. You can do no wrong with a wide range of colours and designs of shorts. The one thing you need to consider is the comfort of your baby. Babies do not need to be wearing tight jeans, shorts. Your baby girl needs to be able to move around in the shorts and play with the utmost comfort. Also, consider smooth material. 

Skirts and dresses

A girl's closet wouldn't suffice without a couple of skirts and dresses. The market is packed with different styles of skirts and dresses that you can acquire for your baby girl. Avoid materials like leather because you do not want to interfere with the comfort of your baby. Short skirts and dresses are always an ideal option because your baby can play and move around in them. Consider different colours and designs for various occasions. You can pair the skirts or dresses with cute leggings, a t-shirt or vest depending on the event and the weather. 


Every child needs a few pairs of leggings in their wardrobe. Leggings are an incredible option for cold days when you want your baby to look stylish and warm. They are also incredible pieces to layer up with skirts and short dresses. The leggings are also suitable for kids that still wear diapers; hence would not look good wearing short dresses with the diapers displaying. A good pair of leggings is a better option compared to jeans. 


A good pair of sweatshirts and sweat pants are also a must-have of a baby girl's wardrobe. Sweats are very comfortable, and they can be worn during all seasons, especially when it is cold. It also helps that they are stylish. 

T-shirts and blouses

You cannot have pants, shorts, and skirts without a couple of t-shirts, shirts, and tops. Consider different colours, styles, and designs for various outfits and events. 
You also want to have swimsuits, sweaters, raincoats, and jumpers, among others. With the options mentioned above, you can play with different outfits for your baby girl.