Corset fashion is majorly trending this year. Celebs like Bella Hadid and Billie Eilish rocked these looks at the Met Gala this year and people can't get enough of this look. While the trend dates back to the 16th century, today's corset dresses are much less rigid making them super comfortable. If you're ready to rock a corset fashion look, read on for tips on how you can rock a short corset dress in 2022.

Live Out your Bridgerton Fantasy

One of the main reasons corset fashion has found its way into 2020s fashion is thanks to the Netflix series Bridgerton. The period drama is set during the 1800s Regency era in England and the fashion, while fairly true to the times, is serving as inspiration for current fashion trends. Corsets are a huge part of the look people love and want to emulate.

While wearing heavy, long dresses sound rather uncomfortable, you can still attain Bridgerton style with a short corset dress. Seek dresses with ruffles, puff sleeves, and lace-tie fronts to live out your Bridgerton fantasy whether you're going to a fancy event or looking to incorporate the style into your streetwear. It works for any type of event and will have you feeling as elegant and romantic as the series. 

Must-Have Wedding Attire

If you're attending a wedding this year, a short corset dress is a must-have no matter how fancy the event is. The corset bodice looks elegant and there are tons of different styles available to ensure you find the perfect look for you. 

For a wedding that's more black tie, opt for a corset dress that's fitted with a sexy leg slit or a mermaid-style skirt to show off your figure. If you're a fanatic for cottagecore, choose a short corset dress with ruffle sleeves, a flared skirt, and a chic floral pattern. 

Corset dresses make great options for brides as well. With all the events you'll be attending before your big day – engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, and more – you'll need a selection of bridal dresses, typically white in color. A short corset dress is a perfect option to keep you comfortable and stylish as you're celebrating with family and friends. 

Sexy Date Night Fashion

If you need a couple of go-to date night dresses, you can't go wrong with corset dresses. The corset flatters everyone and exudes a sexy appeal that will leave you feeling confident on your date, whether it's with your partner of a decade or a first date with a new love interest. 

Corset dresses offer a unique blend of being elevated or casual, so no matter what you're doing on your date, it's the perfect option. Wear this dress style to a fancy restaurant or club for dancing. Opt for a short corset dress for an outdoor concert or picnic in the park. The look is incredibly romantic and will make the date even more enticing. 

Chic Daytime Wear

While corset dresses are a fantastic option for formal wear or evening wear, they also make great streetwear. Right now, corset fashion is being worn for any and all occasion, including during the daytime. To keep the look more casual, you want to find patterns, prints, and styles that have a more casual nature to them. 

Florals are always a great way to go with a daytime short corset dress. Solid colors paired with ruffles and some lace detailing look chic. Spaghetti strap-style corset dresses tend to exude a more casual look. With any dress that you're looking to wear during the daytime, you can accessorize it in a way that makes it look dressed down. Pair a short corset dress with tennis shoes or sneakers for an instant casual outfit. 

The material of the corset dress has a hand in creating the casual look as well. Satin tends to have a fancier appearance to it. But a corset dress with knit material, polyester, or cotton looks much more casual to wear when going to the farmer's market or a daytime concert.


Corset fashion is incredibly hot right now and if you haven't hopped on this style train, there's no better time than now. With plenty of style options to choose from, whether you're style aesthetic is cottagecore, e-girl, or grunge, you'll find the perfect short corset dress to suit your personal style.