When shopping for your children, you can find a wide offer of stylish clothes in many fast fashion brands. T-shirts, trousers, dresses and even formal outfits are now part of every brand’s collection and they often come in good designs and quality, as wells with a cheap price. But there is one item that deserves investing in: your kids’ sneakers. Sneakers are a key piece to every look, something your children will wear basically every day and that therefore requires durability, perfect fit, and craftsmanship production. Only high-end brands can offer your the perfect shoes for your kids, but here’s a quick guide on what to look for when picking your kids’ sneakers so that you will make your money worth.

Versatility in kids sneakers

One of the most important features your kids’ sneakers must possess is versatility, so they can be worn in the highest number of occasions and match with most outfits. A versatile pair of sneakers will have neutral, muted colours as a base with a pop of contrast in the details. Look for kids sneakers in white, cream, ecru, grey or black with fun contrasting elements in more vibrant tones like red, blue, yellow, pink or green. A good tip is to always consider shoelaces. Many sneakers will come with a second set of shoelaces, often offering two versions: a plain one and a coloured one. Change shoelaces to adapt your kids sneakers and completely change their look with a simple easy gesture.

Comfort in kids sneakers

Another essential characteristic your kids’ sneakers must have is comfort. How many times have your purchased something you loved but that you child never wears because it’s not comfy? Avoid this mistake by looking into the sneakers technical features. A good, solid, soft sole will protect your child’s feet in every they do: walking, running, jumping, climbing, dancing and very other playing activity. In order to avoid blisters, look for sneakers with softer edges ash the back, above the heel, and in good materials (many luxury brands use leather, but make sure it is the softer kind). Lastly, do the bending test. Check the shoes flexibility by bending and twitching the sneaker: if it folds but make a little bit of resistance then it is the right one. You want your kids sneakers to follow your child’s movement but to last the use.

Style in kids sneakers

Sneakers are a fashion item, so you must definitely consider style in your choice. A popular trend in kids sneakers collections is a return to the 80s aesthetic. A retro vibe is the perfect compromise between a fashionable, grown-up look and a funny, playful style your children will love: not too boring, but elegant enough to be stylish. Be careful about details as well: glitters, metallic tabs and prints must be limited to small parts of the shoe for a refined look. Or, go for a statement piece that can be worn with every outfit, with illCurrency apparel matching; for example, an all-sequin sneaker, a printed t-shirt, or a full animal print suit.