When it comes to luxury bags, men are no longer so limited in options they only have a backpack or messenger bag to choose from. These days a whole world of bag choices is ready to greet the style-forward gentleman.

But before you jump in and buy one of the many designer bags for men on the market, here are some of the common bag styles on the market today. 

Option One: A Tote Bag

The tote bag has come a long way since its use in libraries and is now worn by pretty much everyone. It’s now a casual outfit staple. The tote is extremely useful and is ideal for storing everything while on the move, including tablets, books, keys, phones, wallets, and other items. Its boxy streamlined shape is usually flattering for everyone, so this is a no-brainer. 
The tote is viewed as a simplified version of the briefcase; perfect for a weekend getaway or the casual office bag, where you'll need some extras to get through the day. 
On the market, the options are varied, for example, LV Australia has the Neverfull Tote, a classic leather monogrammed look, but you can also choose from canvas or cotton as well. 
Option Two: The Duffel Bag

The man on the go, whether it be to the gym or out for the weekend, always has a duffel bag. Usually made to last through messy changerooms or aeroplane overhead bins, these are great bags for taking all your belongings from one place to another. 
When it comes to this type of bag leather is an easy choice, but sometimes when you pair cotton or canvas trim with satin nylon, you get a stunning sports luxe appearance. Most casual duffel bags however will be made of wool or canvas, but again it depends on your personal preference. 
One thing to remember with a duffel bag however is that they are made for bulk, so make sure you choose a size you can carry easily.

Option Three: The Messenger Bag

The messenger bag, often now morphed into the more casual sling bag, is a famous bag choice for people who need to commute. After all, the name comes from the busy postie on his bicycle. While the rectangular shape limits the space inside the bag, its structure means your laptop and tablet won’t be damaged on the commute to work. 
Remember, that the bag’s crossbody design means it is a little casual, so it won’t go well with super corporate settings, but buying the messenger bag in leather will elevate its overall look. 
Option Four: The Folio 

These days the briefcase has been overtaken by the folio. The bulk of a briefcase and its function to carry primarily books hasn’t translated very well into the computer age, and files aren’t as necessary as they once were. So, the folio bag took over, with lots of suiting brands even offering a stylish folio to match the corporate look. 
Often in the luxury market, you’ll find these where men’s suits are sold, and you’ll notice not a lot of the brands use zippers any more, opting for a more luxe look. Just remember to get a folio that’s the right size for all your needs and you’re set. 
Option Five: The Backpack

You may not initially think of a backpack as being a luxury option, but it comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Often luxury houses offer a backpack with seek designs and various types of leather, to make them a more elevated option for the man on the go. 
If you want a more street-style look, you can find them in embroidered or printed canvas, with various choices for hardware and zips.  The best part of a backpack is its capacity and the fact that it won’t cause shoulder pain in the long term.