2015 was no doubt the year where everyone took Kendall Jenner for real. And very seriously. She broke out of the whole Kardashian limelight and managed to get one just for her. Here are some 18 spectacular GIFs of Kendall, proving she's only getting started.

1. She looks perfect.

2. Even when she's in disguise.

3. Thanks to GQ, everyone else started to take notice.

4. And her debut in VS Fashion Show is probably just the start of things.

5. Even this simple act of blowing a kiss looks hot.

6. We're sure she'll be back for the 2016 VS fashion show.

7. Once again, thanks, GQ.

8. For turning our attention on her.

9. We didn't really take notice when she was on other runways.

10. But this photoshoot was too much to handle.

11. Yeah. Too much.

12. You almost forget she was raised into a reality show.

13. And now she's a supermodel.

14. Super instagrammer too.

15. Look at that confidence.

16. Damn...

17. Talk about sizzle.

18. This is too much!

2015 was Kendall's for the taking. What will 2016 hold for her?