Music has the power to do wonderful things for you. It's also scientifically proven. While we keep hearing that it's good for us, just what and how exactly will it benefit us? Check out the post below for more:

It will motivate people to bike harder

Students that participated in a study worked harder while cycling and listening to music.

Speed up post-workout recovery

Listening to music after a workout will help your body recover faster. Any type of tunes, as long as you like them.

Improve sleep quality

Got the case of insomnia? Just listen to some classical music. It's better than a sleeping pill!

Help people eat less

Playing soft music with dim lights while eating slows people down and causes them to consume less food.

Enhance blood vessel function

It can have a healthy effect on blood vessel function. Studies found that participants feel happier and resulted in increased blood flow in their blood vessels.

Reduce anxiety as much as a massage

It is able to reduce your stress levels, similar, or even better than a massage.

Relax patients before surgery

Music has been proven to help cardiovascular surgery patients to calm down while they await operations.

Ease recovery in stroke patients

Researchers in Finland found that stroke patients who listened to 2 hours of music daily were able to improve in verbal memory and attention and had a more positive mood to those who didn't.

Increase growth in plants

Dorothy Retallack found that playing music for several hours a day greatly affects plant growth. The plants that had music playing for a couple of hours a day grew the fastest.

Help people retain information

Music has been shown to aid in memory. Adult students participating in a 2014 study found that the singing group remembered more foreign phrases than groups that were not singing.