Where else, right? The underwater luxury homes will be a man-made archipelago of small islands made to resemble the map of the planet, and it will be called 'The Heart of Europe.' It will get a floating home named 'Floating Seahourse.' And it is underwater. Check it out:

The $2.8 million house took over 5,000 hours of research and 13,000 hours of design. The first models went on sale last year before anything was actually completed, and design firm Kleindienst Group says they sold 60 in 2015.

The underwater portion consists of a master bedroom and bathroom and will make up about 270 square feet of the interior.

Right outside the walls is a 500-square-foot coral garden.

Super luxurious looking, right?

Over 200 designers, engineers and architects from all over the world have teamed up to make this dream home a reality.

The firm anticipates launching the first Floating Seahorse next week and finishing its first phase of rollouts by October. They’ll begin to expand outside The Heart of Europe by 2017 and 2018.