The United Arab Emirates is actually quite a small country. But they are also one of the world's largest oil producers. So it's no surprise that they have some really ultra-wealthy people living there. And those really rich people, have kids, who have a talent for spending money in style. These is the Rich Kids of Dubai.

1. This is the opulent lifestyle they lead.

2. Traveling and smokin' in style.

3. Shopping at Harvey Nichols where everything is ultra expensive.

4. Attending parties so grand you'd never be in one in your life.

5. Holidaying in the dessert.

6. Smoking a pineapple?

7. Driving super lux cars.

8. With their exotic pets.

9. Traveling with their cars.

10. And taking selfies like these:

11. Sometimes, they have to be on a budget too.

12. And save time to walk the lion by bringing it out with them.

13. They spend so much money on other luxury things they forget to invest in some safety equipment.

14. Choice is a dirty word for them.

15. Rich chicks in nice cars. The norm.

16. Designer bags are mobile homes for pets.

17. Ferrari's trunk can seriously fit a ton of bags.

18. When they are broke, they'll just get their leopard to guard their cars.

19. Driving fast cars. The norm.

20. Holiday on yachts. Yawn. So boring.