Here's some proof that kpop fans are crazy to a certain extent, but who knew they would be this insane? Fans of Kpop boy band EXO have been attacking a model online after one of the EXO members started following her on Instagram.

The model is Lily May Mac, and she's internet famous on Instagram.

She's 21-years-old, and she's hot. She's also got 1.6 million followers, but none of them were as crazy as EXO fans after they noticed Park Chanyeol followed her account.

They started to post nasty comments calling her bitch and commenting about her looks.

Her Instagram account was flooded with a variety of attacks. Some accused her of lying about not having plastic surgery.

Here's checking some of the nasty out:

A crazy commenter repeatedly wrote "Fuck you Lily" several times on her photos.

Harsh much?

It's important to note that EXO fans have harrassed other celebrity women int he past before. Lots of cyber bullying!

This is how dedicate they are to their idols.