Ye Wen, is a 50-year-old mom from Henan, China, but does not look a day over her 20s. And it's not hard to see why she'd be mistaken for that. So if you were wondering about skipping out that gym session today or in the coming week, look at Ye Wen, and think again.

She's been working out in the gym since she was 30 after getting addicted to exercising and swimming. She works out two hours for at least two to three times per week.

She swam across the Straits of Malacca this year, and now she's going for the Han River in South Korea next.

Older people who workout and keep themselves active tend to resemble much younger people physiologically.

It basically slows down the aging process!

And judging by how hot Ye Wen is, I'd say let's get sweaty as soon as possible!