Following a massive uptick in consumption over the past decade, herbal supplement Kratom has become a controversial case across nations. Historically, this supplement was used as an alternative remedy for pain management, mood elevation, and anxiety reduction. Further, the sudden rise in human consumption has turned this botanical discovery into a topic of concern for most private and public sectors - questioning Kratom’s use, traits, and effects. This has brought forth varying prohibition policies intended to control the use, possession, consumption, and places where people buy high quality kratom.

The Present

Kratom, with the scientific name Mitrogyna Speciosa, has been in existence for centuries in the tropical region of Southeast Asia. Fast forward to the 2010s, Asians continue to order kratom and use it as an energy and mood booster, the same way people consume coffee or tea in the West. To date, around 10-16 million  Americans regularly use Kratom as an alternative to treat pain or as a substitute remedy for opium withdrawal symptoms. Although there has been a bit of fear mongering due to its opioid-like effects and characteristics, recent studies  suggest that this natural herbal remedy exudes therapeutic effects and has a relatively low potential for abuse or harm. While some researchers say that Kratom is still in its “infancy” stage, there are still many positive things to discover surrounding Kratom’s use. For one, there is “no good evidence that kratom is ‘deadly’ and the overall data suggest that kratom is a relatively mild plant that is helping people and is an important tool for fighting the opioid problem.” said Marc T. Swogger, PhD, associate professor, department of psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center and co-author of Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Today, it is mostly sold in varying forms but is commonly used as a tea or tablet. 

The Future

The discovery of Kratom has opened up more opportunities, the same way it sparked many questions and controversies with regard to its true identity. Some claim that it is widely associated with numerous opioid-related deaths and some say that the chances of death due to Kratom alone is close to none. For those interested in exploring its potential benefits, there are options to "shop kratom edibles online" for a convenient way to experience its effects. As previously mentioned, this controversial supplement is still in its infancy stage and is still being rigorously studied. In spite of this, countries where this is freely available had begun to impose prohibition policies to control its use and sale. Some even demand to call it off the market to prevent consumption abuse. This means that those who are heavily-reliant to this “safer” substitute will have to scramble to get access to such supplements. What is quite boggling for Kratom supporters is how some sectors quickly resort to total restriction instead of focusing on real data that show its effectiveness. Given Kratom's age and maturity in the market, scientists believe that further research studies should be conducted - not a total ban. 

With the ongoing war against drugs across the world, the legalization of Kratom is still way ahead of our sight. But the skies are clear and there is much to look forward to in this story. To order kratom, visit us at Tri Sprout.