Many people who dream of becoming an actor think they need to pack their bags and go to New York or Hollywood in order to have success. But the truth is, getting on the right path to an acting career can begin anywhere, but it does take proper preparation. There are good opportunities in many major cities, and San Diego was recently named among the best places to get started by MovieMaker Magazine.

Why San Diego is a Great Place to Start Acting

The experience of moving to LA or New York and trying to break into acting can be overwhelming. The competition to become a professional actor is high almost anywhere, but especially in these central locations. While a few people are lucky, many just phase out. San Diego is an arms-length distance from Los Angeles and is also close to Mexico and is considered a binational community. This makes for both English and Spanish-speaking opportunities. There are also several renowned theaters in San Diego, including La Jolla Playhouse, the Joan B. Kroc Theatre, and the San Diego Repertory Theatre. San Diego is also a popular choice for filming movies and commercials. Reebok, Uber, and American Airlines have all filmed commercials in the area. It was also a host to "Top Gun, Almost Famous, and Citizen Kane, as well as many other films.

Sometimes, getting started can seem more possible when you are a fish in a slightly smaller pond. Still, San Diego is close enough to Hollywood to be able to pursue occasional opportunities there as well.

Building a Good Foundation

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Often, that means getting the right training and support rather than walking into an audition flying blind. In the entertainment business, reputations develop quickly and can be quite fragile, so it is important that an actor shows up with their A-game on a consistent basis. As much as someone might feel like they've got "it," some extra training and practice never hurt anyone. When it comes to getting that training at Tower Talent, it is quite likely that it will help.

Tower Talent offers acting classes and private lessons for students beginning at age three. We also offer private coaching as well as classes for modeling and singing, which are both great skills for an actor to add to their resume. In addition, we help with industry-related skills, such as preparing an audition tape and getting a proper headshot. We are also able to steer students towards professional auditions and other opportunities with talent agents and casting directors.

Online and In-Person Classes

One of the best things about modern culture is that people are able to use the Internet to pursue their dreams without being limited by their location. Tower Talent helps support this by offering online classes to students worldwide in addition to in-person classes in San Diego and Long Island, NY. While we are proud of our online offerings, there is something to be said for being able to interact with student actors and other performers in person. It allows us to get a better sense of their strengths and helps them develop them in a way that allows them to be competitive in the industry. It also gives students an opportunity to interact more closely with other students who have similar goals.

You'll find classes in improvisation, cold reading, audition techniques, monologues, scene study, and more. Having highly targeted courses can help you discover where your true talents lie and can show you how to pursue opportunities with more purpose, whether you stay with acting or take your career in another direction.

If professional acting jobs remain your goal, we also have services that will help you select the best headshots, put together audition tapes and demos, and provide you with connections that will help you get started on the right foot.

More Than Acting

In many cases, actors are called on to do more than act, so developing a sense of poise and a quality singing voice can give you an edge when you are competing for roles. You don't have to be the next Pavarotti or Mariah Carey to be cast in a Musical Theater role, or even a role where you sing casually, like to a car radio. Modeling classes can help you when it comes to presenting yourself to casting agents and even the media, whether you pursue independent modeling or not. It's also a useful skill to have if you want to do some magazine or catalog modeling while you pursue better acting roles.

It is helpful to be able to do the best you can with whatever talent you have. If it turns out you are the next Mariah, we can help you there too. With many choices, you can tailor your program to fit your dreams and interests, and you can count on us to give you the support you need to follow them.