Ever observed how long working hours bring along back pain, joint pain, and muscle aches? Though stretching exercises and frequent small breaks are recommended by doctors to avoid health issues, it is not always possible to follow these instructions, especially when you are busy attending back-to-back meetings. 

This is where ergonomic chairs come into the picture. These chairs are designed to reduce the strain on the body. They also support proper posture and alignment by featuring adjustable components - for example, adjustable seat height, lumbar support, and proper support to the arms with adjustable armrests. 

But, how to find the right ergonomic chair that fits your needs? Here are some of the factors to consider to make the right choice:

1) Adjustable backrest that supports the spine

Before anything else, look for a comfortable backrest that supports the curve of your spine. Complaints about spinal cord issues have been on the rise ever since work from home began. In an office environment, people shut down their laptops when it’s time for that last train or leave the desk for lunch but when it comes to working from home, people forget to get up and move a bit. The back aches and spinal cord issues have worsened to the level where individuals have got surgeries done to get rid of the pain. To avoid this, make sure to bring home an ergonomic chair that has an adjustable backrest so that the back of the chair can be pushed back at an angle, as and when needed. 

2) Upholstery that makes you feel most comfortable

If your work environment is air-conditioned, you would like to go with leather chairs as they offer the most comfortable seating. Leather executive chairs also add a touch of splendor to the working space. For breathable material, go with mesh back chairs. Some people are intolerant to heat and hence need a fabric or material that doesn’t make them sweat. In such cases, mesh back chairs are the best option. 

3) Seat size and shape of the chair

It is very important to choose the chair based on the size and shape of the seat. While some chairs have narrow seats which are suitable for a few individuals, a few might want to go for broader seats, especially when the chair is to be used for long hours. Similar is the scenario when it comes to the shape of the chair. The edge of the seat that is slightly tilted downwards might offer great comfort to some while causing blood circulation and discomfort in the thighs to others. So make sure you understand what size and shape of the seat is right for your body and then purchase the chair. 

There are chances that you realize that a chair that felt comfortable at first is causing issues only after using it for quite some time. It is hence advisable to buy from a vendor that offers an easy return policy. and covers the product under a warranty for at least a few years to come.