When you file a personal injury case, you must ensure you have the compensation you deserve. This includes economic damages, such as medical bills, and non-economic damages, including pain, suffering, and disfigurement.

Trials can take a long time to resolve, especially when defendants have little incentive to settle early. They can use legal tactics that delay the process until you need immediate money to cover your expenses.

Document Your Injuries

Proving the extent of your injuries is one of the most important aspects of a personal injury case. This means documenting everything from how you felt during the accident to the pain and discomfort you are experiencing now.

You can create a journal and write down your symptoms, treatment, and recovery progress. This can help your lawyer present your case in court and increase the money you receive for your injury claim settlement.

You should also keep track of your medical expenses and lost wages. This can include ER visits, ambulance charges, prescription medications, and other medical costs.

Send a Spoliation of Evidence Demand Letter

When filing a lawsuit, a plaintiff has to present evidence to support their claims. This can be as simple as demonstrating that an untrue statement was made or as complex as showing the full extent of their injury or loss.

However, sometimes people or businesses intentionally destroy or "spoil" evidence before a lawsuit is filed. This is called destruction and can lead to severe consequences for the at-fault party.

A civil trial lawyer like Tyler Wilk can file a demand letter to destroy the evidence to ensure that crucial pieces of evidence are kept for use in court. The letter should identify specific documents and electronic-stored information that the opposing party needs to maintain for your case.

Order Medical Testimonials

Medical expert testimony is essential to many personal injury and medical malpractice cases. It gives attorneys a thorough understanding of a doctor's standard of care.

If you are involved in an accident, you should seek prompt medical treatment for your injuries. This is essential for both your recovery and your legal case.

Ask Experts to Testify About the Long-Term Impact of Your Injuries

After a serious accident, victims often face significant medical bills, lost wages, and physical pain and suffering. These issues can have a long-term impact on their lives, and a jury may consider them when calculating the amount of compensation to be awarded.

Asking experts to testify about your injuries can make a difference in your settlement amount. These experts can explain how your injuries are expected to impact your life and give you a more accurate idea of your future financial losses.

Prepare as Though You're Going to Trial

Your attorney will begin collecting extensive evidence and materials as a trial date approaches. As a result, the weeks leading up to the trial can be stressful and time-consuming.

Fortunately, today's legal technology can help attorneys prepare their cases effectively. This technology allows lawyers to survey evidence, create theories of the case, and craft their most compelling narrative.

It also allows lawyers to prepare their defenses and counterattacks before the trial. This will make it easier for you to present your best case and minimize the risk of a mistrial.